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A-Lift is the facial treatment machine of choice for Elizabeth Caroline

Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 23, 2013

Elizabeth Caroline, is a celebrity facialist and owner of “Aquavie Boutique Spa”, Kent.  She also sees clients at the prestigious no1 Harley Street clinic with Karen Betts, where, amongst other things, she practices her “Elementals” treatments using the A-Lift machine.

Elizabeth purchased A-Lift back in October 2012 after searching for a suitable facial machine for many years before discovering A-Lift from Nouveau Beauty Group.

Elizabeth says, “Many of my clients are in the public eye, and therefore expect nothing but the best from a facial treatment. The demand has always been that of instant results, in unison with a deep relaxing experience.  I had been searching for a facial machine for almost 5 years, one that was at the forefront of new technology, but that could be adapted to my truly unique Elizabeth Caroline Elementals Facials. Nothing fitted the bill – that was until I discovered the A-Lift.”

My clients are absolutely thrilled to be treated with an A-Lift treatment as part of their regular facial treatment…

I thoroughly enjoyed my deluxe tailor made facial with Elizabeth, Sadie Frost

“I thoroughly enjoyed my deluxe tailor made facial with Elizabeth. My skin was amazingly smooth once it was finished. I definitely recommend you getting an Elementals A-Lift Facial with Elizabeth Caroline”Sadie Frost, Actress

My skin looks fabulous and I feel absolutely amazing, Millie Mackintosh

“Thank you for the Red Carpet Elementals Facial Elizabeth, I’ve never experienced anything like it before. My skin looks fabulous and I feel absolutely amazing. Honestly, the whole world needs to know about you!”Millie Mackintosh, Former Made In Chelsea Television Show

What has A-Lift has done for my business?
A-Lift bridged the gap between traditional holistic spa facials and more result specific anti-ageing facials. Clients that were very loyal to standard manual facials have now been converted to the A-Lift as it still offers a very relaxing and soothing facial treatment.  A-Lift has also attracted new clients to my spa. It is a very versatile treatment, which you can be incredibly creative with. We have developed various themed A-Lift facial treatments, as well as offering express treatments as an add on to our more traditional facials.

The A-Lift is now our top selling facial at the spa in terms of revenue and volume of treatments booked.

We actually recouped our investment within 2 weeks of the machine launching in the spa. We had a launch evening where we pre-booked our top twenty spenders in for complimentary 20 minute ‘taster sessions’, and devised a three tier launch offer (catering for various ages and budgets).
We also offered £10.00 off one of our 50 minute facials for the first four weeks after the launch.  This enabled clients that didn’t have the disposable income to invest in a course, to still come in and try the new treatments out for themselves.

Elizabeth at the ShowHow does A-Lift work?
A-Lift combats the signs of ageing using non-invasive nano-current technology to firm tone and lift.  It does this by delivering nano-currents (electro-currents so small you don’t feel it. These nano-currents naturally boost the body’s production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a macro molecule found within all cells, and acts as the ‘power centre.

The more ATP we have in our cells, the more productively these cells can grow, perform and renew. Higher levels of ATP also assist in the production of collagen and elastin, enabling skin to look firmer, plumper and youthful in appearance.

Why I would recommend A-Lift to salon and beauty businesses
I would recommend the A-Lift to any business wishing to offer facials on their treatment menu. In this day and age, it is evident the consumer is constantly looking for new ways to slow down the ageing process and remain more youthful in appearance.

The A-Lift is so versatile you can literally adapt it to any beauty market, to the consumer who likes to enjoy treatments in their own home environment, through to those wishing to experience a high end spa treatment. It’s great for clients of all ages, and treatments can be adapted to cost anything from £15.00 through to over £100.00. My clients absolutely love it, and the results speak for themselves.

Many of my VIP’s repeatedly request this facial prior to red carpet events because it does exactly what it says on the tin, an A-Lift treatment provides them with illuminated, lifted and more youthful skin. It is one of the best investments I have ever made without a doubt.

A-Lift – The basics
• Non surgical, non invasive, self adjusting facial machine.
• Uses patented waveforms and revolutionary nano current technology to feed, hydrate and balance the skin.
• Combats the signs of ageing on a cellular level, rejuvenating ageing cells to function as they did in their prime (pre 25 years old).
• Delivered as an enjoyable, relaxing facial treatment.
• Lightweight, transportable, compact machine.
• Earn from £1 per minute with minimum treatment consumable costs.
• Two days free training included with machine purchase.
• Start delivering treatment as soon as you train.  No case studies.

Find out more about A-Lift today  – Call 0844 8016835, or complete the A-Lift enquiry form and we will call you back – click here.

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