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Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 5, 2015

Last week, Raconteur released a report stating that the growing influence of selfies posted on social media is fuelling an interest in cosmetic procedures as people are seeking to improve their close-up image.


Within the report London-based cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva states, ‘With social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, and advances in smartphone technology, people are taking more and more pictures of themselves than ever before. These images are then shared on social media and commented upon, so it’s not surprising they should become drivers for surgery.’

‘The angles at which images are taken and the high-definition nature of the cameras being used can magnify any imperfections – the nose and the jawline become particularly apparent in selfies,” says Dr De Silva. “I probably have at least one patient every couple of weeks coming to me because a selfie hasn’t shown them in a flattering light.’

While Dr De Silva specialises in cosmetic procedures, A-Lift is the natural, non-invasive treatment that can deliver the sought-after results without the extensive need for surgery. Being such a young demographic the selfie generation are more hesitant about going under the knife at such an early stage and in turn are searching for that treatment that can make them more ‘selfie ready’ 24/7.

Dr De Silva highlighted one of the problem areas many women are looking to work on is their jaw line which A-Lift is known to improve the appearance of.

A-Lift promotes improved hydration and circulation by helping cells boost their own functionality. In addition, it aids the production of collagen to help combat fine lines and wrinkles, by supporting the structure of the skin. This results in firmer, healthier and rejuvenated skin with a visibly improved complexion.

By improving the skins firmness A-Lift gives the appearance of a tighter and more defined jaw line which will give anyone a more striking appearance in their selfies.

As an added bonus A-Lift will also give a healthy glow and radiance to the skin which is key when trying to take that perfect ‘#nofilter’ selfie!

Women in their early twenties are looking for preventative measures against ageing without needing to go to drastic and invasive measures. This is why A-Lift is the perfect treatment for the younger demographics as it is natural, effective and fast.


If you want to up your selfie game A-Lift is the HERO treatment for you!

Find out more about A-Lift here.

To read the Raconteur full report visit

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