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A-Lift Winter Blues

Posted by Nadia Burgess on February 8, 2012

Have you found that this snap of cold weather is taking its toll on your skin?

At this time of year the mix of icy cold air and warm central heating can be your skin’s worst enemy.

It’s that time of year again when we are all looking for a little pick me up, and I think I’ve got just the thing.



I have, what I feel, is a healthy lifestyle and an excellent skin care routine, but over the years I’ve had to battle to keep my skin in tip-top condition during the winter months. This year’s been different. Why?  I put it down to the A-Lift.

The A-Lift is a new anti-aging treatment which is based on the latest scientific technology. As soon as I said that, I bet you felt a surge of doubt didn’t you? That was my reaction too. Anti-aging? Scientific technology?  To be frank, I’m a Yorkshire girl and I’m more interested in seeing results –the whole appliance of science thing is all very impressive, but I’m really not interested in technical jargon. 

Well I’ve had a course of A-Lift treatments and all I can say is:  Wow! I’m a genuine, bona-fide convert. Why? Because my skin really does feel and look so different –even now, in this awful freezing weather, when my skin is usually not at its best.

Ok, so what is it?  Quite simply, I guess you could say that the A-Lift is a bit like having a relaxing facial –a bit of pampering. While all this loveliness is happening, the A-Lift machine is also delivering nano-currents into the skin –re-energising the skin cells. You can’t feel the nano-currents themselves, but after the treatment you sure can see the results.

After my first treatment my skin looked healthy and glowing. Soon, I started to see my fine lines disappearing and my skin tone improving. I even noticed a difference when applying make-up – it glided on effortlessly and stayed put all day.

A course of 10 is recommended to get optimum, lasting results. Following my course I felt like a new woman, people were commenting on how great I looked, my skin felt fab and my confidence was through the roof!
So much for the winter blues, eh?

More info on the A-Lift, by Karen Bettshere.


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