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Elizabeth Caroline is appointed the UK Ambassador for NBG’s A-Lift Machine

Posted by Nadia Burgess on March 8, 2013

The Nouveau Beauty Group appoints Elizabeth Caroline, Celebrity facialist & spa owner, as the “Independent Skin Care Expert and UK Ambassador” for the ‘A-Lift’ machine.

After completing the initial training to become an “A-Lift” Technician, Elizabeth met with Nouveau Beauty Group’s director, Karen Betts, and has been a key stakeholder with the development of the brand ever since. Elizabeth will act as a spokesperson for the “A-Lift”, but remains independent to the Nouveau Beauty Group.

The new role, created especially for her, will see her acting as the UK ambassador at trade exhibitions such as the “Professional Beauty Show”, (held 24-25 February, at Excel, London), advising other salon owners as to the commercial benefits of owning the machine, as well as running an independent treatment room, within Karen Betts’ Clinic.

Elizabeth says, “Many of my clients are in the public eye, and therefore expect nothing but the best from a facial treatment. The demand has always been that of instant results, in unison with a deep relaxing experience.  I had been searching for a facial machine for almost 5 years, one that was at the forefront of new technology, but that could be adapted to my truly unique Elizabeth Caroline Elementals Facials. Nothing fitted the bill – that was until I discovered the A-Lift.”

Adding, “My passion is to empower both my clients and other professionals with the knowledge that result specific treatments, can work in perfect synergy with a much deeper, holistic approach to skin care.  The A-Lift encompasses everything I believe in, and it is a privilege to be helping Karen and her team to develop some very unique and special treatments within the Nouveau brand.  It’s a truly exciting time for both the consumer and A-Lift therapists.”

Elizabeth has developed a facial called the “Crystal Light Elementals Facial”, which combines her unique, spiritual approach whilst incorporating the use of the “A-Lift” machine; this treatment is currently only available in her Harley Street Clinic.

About Elizabeth Caroline:

Elizabeth, a-one-of-a-kind, and a facialist to the stars, is the owner of “Aquavie Boutique Spa”, Kent, and also sees clients at the prestigious no1 Harley Street clinic, where, amongst other things, she practices her “Elementals” treatments.

In addition to her signature “Elementals” treatments, Elizabeth also offers traditional, clinical facials designed to give a superior aesthetic feel which are more results-based.

To compliment her treatments, Elizabeth has developed a skincare range that can be personalised to suit the individual’s needs, harnessing essential skincare requirements with emotional well-being.

About the A-Lift:

Known as the ultimate non-surgical facelift, benefits include facial toning, facial lifting, skin rehydration, and the treatment of eye bags, lines and wrinkles and scar visibility.

In an advancement from traditional micro-current treatments, the A-Lift uses digitally designed Nano-currents, which work in unparalled harmony with the skin.

Nano-currents work effectively and naturally with the body, boosting the immune system, stimulating cells to act younger, enhancing collagen activity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, lifting the face and neck muscles.

Learn more about A-Lift here.


We pamper the stars at Viking FM’s Annual Brid Bash!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 14, 2012

At Nouveau Beauty Group we provide everything that you need to feel and look beautiful, so it’s no surprise that we were the brand of choice to pamper the stars at last weekend’s Viking FM’s Brid Bash in East Yorkshire.

Lead by the local team from Colour Lounge we offered treatments such as the sought after anti-aging facial A-Lift, celebrity favourite HD Brows treatment and of course our Let’s Go Lashes to the likes of Lemar, Marcus Collins, 2Shoes, BGT favourite Ryan O’Shaunsessy and the up and coming new boyband Lawson.

If you want to treat yourself to any of these celebrity loved treatments or see just how easy it is to professionally train with us, visit our website – our salon finder will help you find your nearest technician.

A-Lift “…the treatment is not only pain free, but is in fact incredibly relaxing”

Posted by Nadia Burgess on March 20, 2012

Thanks to Aly Hazlewood for this great A-Lift feature on her Blog ‘The Truth About Beauty’.

“…after 20 minutes of gentle probing (during which time I almost drifted off to sleep it was so soothing), I looked in the mirror and the left side of my face was noticeably, brighter and firmer. But the most dramatic effect was the lift in my eyebrow, it was much higher than the other one and my whole eye area looked toned and fresh. Impressive.” Read the full feature by clicking here.


Click here to read more about the A-Lift treatment from Karen Betts, ‘Like’ our Official A-Lift Fanpage to find our more about the

Celebrities are loving our new A-Lift treatment!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on February 16, 2012

A-Lift – so what is it?  Quite simply, the A-Lift is a bit like having a relaxing facial – a bit of pampering. While all this loveliness is happening, the A-Lift machine is also delivering nano-currents into the skin – re-energising the skin cells. You can’t feel the nano-currents themselves, but after the treatment you sure can see the results!

The A-lift gives fantastic, instant results.  After one 46-minute treatment on the face, lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced and drooping muscles are lifted. This new anti-ageing treatment can be seen in various magazines at the moment and celebs are loving it…

Charlotte Jackson, Sky Sports TV Presenter

‘My favorite facial is the A-Lift as you see instant results – I highly recommend it, after mine I’m expecting to get asked for ID !’






Gemma Collins, TOWIE

‘I woke up looking tired but after my A-Lift facial I looked five years younger! I noticed the effect straight after and it definitely reduced my fine lines – it was amazing!’




A-Lift Winter Blues

Posted by Nadia Burgess on February 8, 2012

Have you found that this snap of cold weather is taking its toll on your skin?

At this time of year the mix of icy cold air and warm central heating can be your skin’s worst enemy.

It’s that time of year again when we are all looking for a little pick me up, and I think I’ve got just the thing.



I have, what I feel, is a healthy lifestyle and an excellent skin care routine, but over the years I’ve had to battle to keep my skin in tip-top condition during the winter months. This year’s been different. Why?  I put it down to the A-Lift.

The A-Lift is a new anti-aging treatment which is based on the latest scientific technology. As soon as I said that, I bet you felt a surge of doubt didn’t you? That was my reaction too. Anti-aging? Scientific technology?  To be frank, I’m a Yorkshire girl and I’m more interested in seeing results –the whole appliance of science thing is all very impressive, but I’m really not interested in technical jargon.  Read more

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