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Confidence. It’s what beauty treatments are all about.

Posted by Nadia Burgess on January 16, 2012

I sometimes see criticism of the beauty industry for advertising treatments and products that promote beauty and youth. Some people feel that we are turning into an image and age obsessed nation.

As a beauty therapist working on a daily basis with a range of clients, I see a different side to the story.

On the surface, you might think beauty treatments are all about looks. With permanent cosmetics, for instance, I can change people’s looks – as subtly or dramatic as they wish. I can often restore what has been changed through the ageing process, or enhance what is already there.

With Contour Roller, I can rejuvenate the skin and promote increased collagen and elastin levels, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. With the amazing new A-Lift, I can take advantage of the latest technology to re-energise the actual cells in the skin – resulting in stunning changes to both the skin and muscles of the face, neck and jaw.

Whatever the treatment, however, there’s one thing that all my clients share: a desire to change how they feel about themselves – for the better. And after their treatments? I see their confidence levels soar. For me, it’s what beauty is all about.


A-Lift – the anti ageing facial that really works

Posted by Nadia Burgess on November 30, 2011

Take a look at this fantastic feature in Expert Beauty Magazine.

The new A-Lift Treatment by Karen Betts allows you to see lifting, anti-ageing and wrinkle reducing effects on your face instantly and promises more accumulative effects over a course of ten.



This technology, adapted from a machine already used in some hospitals for patients with glaucoma, ‘energises the facial cells, recharges them and boosts adenosine triphosphate level which triggers the rejuvenation process.’ This basically means the nano-currency boosts circulation and cell renewal in the skin.

If you’re a therapist or interested in offering the A-Lift to clients, the Nouveau Beauty Group is currently offering training with guaranteed earning opportunities. Check out the website or call 0845 6443994 for more information.

A-Lift – the revolutionary age-reversal treatment

Posted by Nadia Burgess on September 19, 2011

Karen Betts’ expert skills in permanent cosmetics have changed the lives of thougsands of women. Now she’s brought beauty and science together in total harmony with the Nouveau A-Lift. It’s the must-have new treatment that can start to reverse the signs of ageing in just 45 minutes.

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