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A Record Breaking Show!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on March 3, 2014

We should start this feature with a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to visit us on Sunday and Monday at Professional Beauty London. We were overwhelmed by the turnout – 2014 has been our busiest show on record!  Our Lashes and FreshMinerals team were out in force to answer all your product and training queries…

A Record Breaking Show!

If you missed the show…YOU ASKED – WE REPLIED!

Q: What makes your Nouveau Lashes training different from other training courses?

Our semi-permanent lash extensions course is a 2 day training event. We invite you to one of our nationwide academies to train with an elite lash specialist. Unlike other courses, our 2 days’ training gives you essential time with models to ensure you feel confident and experienced to perform treatments after training. We also include a full GRADUATION DAY in your training. You will come back to the academy after training to present your case studies.  Graduating means that you will receive your certificate – this gives you full insurance to perform the treatment.


Q: What’s the difference between Let’s Go Lashes and Nouveau Lashes training?

Let’s Go Lashes training and products deliver express treatments with lasting results for your clients. We teach our express, individual lash extension application in our Let’s Go courses. This treatment takes less than 30 minutes, can be done in a salon chair and your client keeps their eyes open during the treatment. This is great for clients who need a quick treatment that will last up to 2 weeks.

Nouveau lashes semi permanent lash extensions are delivered during a closed eye treatment on a therapist bed and the treatment can take up to 2 hours, depending on your client’s natural lashes and desired look. Nouveau Lashes last up to 6 weeks and can also be infilled so that the lashes last longer. Both Let’s Go and Nouveau Lashes require professional removal.


Q: How is the LVL Lashes treatment different to traditional lash perming?

There are several key differences! Firstly, the LVL Lashes treatment products are different – our treatment products have been developed by clinical experts to ensure our lash lift is as moisturising and effective as possible. LVL Lashes also includes a bespoke tint for the lashes, creating a glamorous look without the need for lash curlers, extensions or mascara. The LVL Lash Lift system uses silicon shields – rather than traditional rods – which are placed over the eyelids during this closed eye treatment.

The benefit of having an LVL treatment Vs a Lash Perm is that as a trained therapist you can define the exact results and positioning of your clients own lashes. Eyelash perming uses a rod, therefore there is little flexibility in maximising the natural lash and setting it in the optimum position. LVL lash Lifting allows you to reinvent the direction of the natural lash. Tinting during the treatment also means that you can ensure full amplification by giving depth to the natural lash colour. This treatment is popular for customers who have lost natural hair pigmentation (it happens to the best of us!).  LVL Lashes is also recommended for clients with straight lashes, lacking a natural curl.

Click here for LVL Lash Lift training information – just £199+vat for 1 day training in one of the UK’s fastest growing lash treatment!


Q: Why should I become a FreshMinerals stockist?

FreshMinerals is a fast-developing, exciting mineral make-up range. Its success reflects the increased demand for make-up products that complement your skincare routine. The FreshMinerals product range is the simplest, most natural product you can put on your clients’ skin. Easy-to-apply and the perfect product to use after a beauty treatment such as a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, waxing, fillers or permanent cosmetics. Because of the natural ingredients it can help with the healing process, rather than causing irritation like traditional make-up products.

Our FreshMinerals make up training includes 1 Days FREE training and over £900 worth of stock for £499 + VAT! Call 0844 8016824 for info.

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