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Dermatude – A Man’s Choice

Posted by KellyWard on October 27, 2015

Dermatude The Facelift Alternative logo

Last week Professional Beauty announced that the average UK salon has treated 50% more male clients compared to 2014. The results were pulled from a survey commissioned by Babtac

Jason Phillips, chairman of Babtac, commented: “Times are changing – beauty is not a ‘woman’s thing’ anymore. Many salons offer treatments specifically tailored to the male audience, but much of the services offered are actually unisex. We urge salons to embrace their male clientele and introduce more men into beauty and relaxation; we all need a little pampering and time out from our hectic lives!”

These statistics ring true to the increases we’ve seen in enquiries for facial treatments from men.  Especially Dermatude.

Dermatude seems to be the man’s choice for facial care and the numbers are only increasing. Only last weekend The Sunday Telegraph recognised Dermatude as the perfect treatment for men and recommended it as the best natural facelift.

The Sunday Telegraph supplement coverage - 26 10 15

Dermatude is a great treatment for men because it works really well on congested and dehydrated skin (which is a big problem for people who work outdoors and a high percentage of those people are men). Another alluring factor of Dermatude seems to be the fact it is an anti-ageing treatment that will work without the need for creams and a lot of aftercare. It isn’t perceived as a ‘girly’ treatment just a really effective way to keep their skin looking fresh, young, and healthy!

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