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What’s the difference between A-Lift & Dermatude?

Posted by KellyWard on May 26, 2017

We always get asked, “What’s the difference between A-Lift and Dermatude?”, so we decided to show you. Both treatments provide visible, anti-ageing results when used as a stand alone facial but both can be combined to further enhance results.

If you’re thinking about training in either A-Lift and Dermatude but want to try a treatment first come along to one of our Discovery Events up and down the country.

Adding Aesthetic Treatments to Your Business from Karen Betts

Posted by KellyWard on March 23, 2017

You know me for Permanent Cosmetics, you know me for my involvement in Nouveau Lashes, and now you are going to know me for facial treatments. Skin care is just another way for clients to improve their appearance naturally, and that is what I pioneer, good quality for everyone.

The Story

Throughout my career, I have always focused on bringing the highest quality treatments to the market and offering salon professionals a range of training options to supply to their clients. Working at Harley Street I noticed how in demand effective skin treatments were and that was where I realised I needed to find an in-salon alternative to offer to the public. This gave me an idea – to hand pick the best skin rejuvenation technologies and treatments so EVERYONE had access to them.

The first treatment I discovered was A-Lift. At first it sounded too good to be true – reduced lines and wrinkles, firmer and more defined structure, and improved skin texture – all without pain. I just had to try it for myself. The results were impressive and backed up the hype around it. So, my team of experts and I set about developing a training programme and treatments that were easy to master and deliver by beauty professionals. This combination of science, knowledge, and skills help our trained technicians deliver effective results.

Then came Dermatude. It’s combined use of virtually pain free micro-needling and active serums claimed to deliver a host of skin rejuvenating benefits, so I put it to the test. Trials began in 2013. A photographer captured in minute detail the changes in peoples’ appearances over the course of 8 treatments. The results were astonishing and I knew I had to get this out to the public!

It is these results from A-Lift and Dermatude, supported by our marketing initiatives that have helped our pioneering salon therapists break even in weeks and go on to operate highly profitable skin rejuvenation services.

The Benefits 

  • Naturally grow your business
  • Additional, rapid revenue
  • Keep clients in your seat all year round
  • Attract & capture new clients
  • Enjoy retail revenue & provide great products
  • Provide great results & boost confidence


If you would like to know more about either A-Lift or Dermatude please call my Nouveau Skin Therapy team on 0844 801 6835 or if you would like to try a treatment come along to one of our Discovery Days.

Facial Treatments are this Years Biggest Beauty Earners

Posted by Nadia Burgess on September 2, 2015

According to Professional Beauty facials are the most profitable treatment in salons and the second most profitable in spas.  


Images taken from Professional Beauty August 2015.

The ‘Inside Beauty’ feature in the August edition of the magazine compared sales and profits from salons in June 2015 compared to June 2014. The outcome stated that facial treatments are making the biggest profits for salons.

This is fantastic news for our trained A-Lift and Dermatude professionals and really shows that facial treatments are a valued and needed staple in a woman’s beauty regime.

We now live in an age that women are smart about their health and are really linking that into their beauty treatments. Instead of under-going quick fix treatments they are looking into treatments that improve their appearance AND give them a healthy benefit.

A-Lift and Dermatude are both staple facial treatments to any beauty regime and if you want to find out more about them please visit our website.   

Dermatude And A-Lift Shortlisted In MyFaceMyBody Awards 2015

Posted by Karen Betts on August 21, 2015


I am so proud to announce that both A-Lift and Dermatude have been shortlisted in this year’s MyFaceMyBody awards.

A-Lift in the ‘Best Skin Tightening’ category and Dermatude in the ‘Best Anti-Ageing Treatment’ category.

I knew when I discovered A-Lift around 4 years ago and met with the inventor, Ali Hussain, that this treatment was something special. I didn’t know then what I know now about nanocurrent technology, but I knew it was something special and not something to pass up.

I am ecstatic that it is finally getting the recognition it deserves. It is being placed in front of this large audience as all I ever wanted was to bring this treatment to the public. I want fantastic results, such as the ones that can be achieved from an A-Lift treatment, to be readily available to men and women up and down the country. If being shortlisted for this award introduces A-Lift to one person who can benefit from it’s breathtaking results – I will be happy.

It’s not all about A-Lift of course, Dermatude being shortlisted for the anti-ageing award is amazing!

After A-Lift, I got really interested in the skin health industry and when I found Dermatude I again knew this was another innovation. Dermatude has revolutionised skin needling by reducing the risk, improving safety and introducing no downtime after a treatment. Pair all of that with the dramatic results I see daily and you’re onto a winner.

I know there are thousands of people out there who know how special both A-Lift and Dermatude are. If you can take two minutes out of your day to vote for us I would be very grateful.

To vote for us – click here to vote! Every vote is appreciated.

Thanks, Karen x

Be Poolside Proud

Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 19, 2015

Your holiday is the place where you can relax, unwind, and forget about your hair and makeup. This year is no different apart from women are now taking proactive steps to make sure they look fab without the need of makeup.

This summer we’ve seen an uplift in women seeking the advantages of A-Lift and Dermatude in the run up to their holiday to guarantee themselves a flawless complexion when going bare.

The influence of popular TV shows such as ‘The Only Way is Essex’ running spin off holiday episodes showing well-know characters looking perfectly polished lounging around the pool has fuelled the desire for women to seek treatments that will give them a natural glow.

Mixing treatments of Dermatude and A-Lift has given women the confidence to be poolside proud. The aim is to improve their overall skin health so their natural appearance looks polished and radiant.

Being comfortable in yourself is the most important thing and we can guess you probably look beautiful bare faced anyway but if you need that little bit of pampering to make you feel that little more beautiful we’re here to help!

You can find Dermatude and A-Lift salons up and down the country using our salon finder if you want to improve your skin health and natural glow!

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