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Facial Treatments are this Years Biggest Beauty Earners

Posted by Nadia Burgess on September 2, 2015

According to Professional Beauty facials are the most profitable treatment in salons and the second most profitable in spas.  


Images taken from Professional Beauty August 2015.

The ‘Inside Beauty’ feature in the August edition of the magazine compared sales and profits from salons in June 2015 compared to June 2014. The outcome stated that facial treatments are making the biggest profits for salons.

This is fantastic news for our trained A-Lift and Dermatude professionals and really shows that facial treatments are a valued and needed staple in a woman’s beauty regime.

We now live in an age that women are smart about their health and are really linking that into their beauty treatments. Instead of under-going quick fix treatments they are looking into treatments that improve their appearance AND give them a healthy benefit.

A-Lift and Dermatude are both staple facial treatments to any beauty regime and if you want to find out more about them please visit our website.   

Dermatude And A-Lift Shortlisted In MyFaceMyBody Awards 2015

Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 21, 2015


I am so proud to announce that both A-Lift and Dermatude have been shortlisted in this year’s MyFaceMyBody awards.

A-Lift in the ‘Best Skin Tightening’ category and Dermatude in the ‘Best Anti-Ageing Treatment’ category.

I knew when I discovered A-Lift around 4 years ago and met with the inventor, Ali Hussain, that this treatment was something special. I didn’t know then what I know now about nanocurrent technology, but I knew it was something special and not something to pass up.

I am ecstatic that it is finally getting the recognition it deserves. It is being placed in front of this large audience as all I ever wanted was to bring this treatment to the public. I want fantastic results, such as the ones that can be achieved from an A-Lift treatment, to be readily available to men and women up and down the country. If being shortlisted for this award introduces A-Lift to one person who can benefit from it’s breathtaking results – I will be happy.

It’s not all about A-Lift of course, Dermatude being shortlisted for the anti-ageing award is amazing!

After A-Lift, I got really interested in the skin health industry and when I found Dermatude I again knew this was another innovation. Dermatude has revolutionised skin needling by reducing the risk, improving safety and introducing no downtime after a treatment. Pair all of that with the dramatic results I see daily and you’re onto a winner.

I know there are thousands of people out there who know how special both A-Lift and Dermatude are. If you can take two minutes out of your day to vote for us I would be very grateful.

To vote for us – click here to vote! Every vote is appreciated.

Thanks, Karen x

Be Poolside Proud

Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 19, 2015

Your holiday is the place where you can relax, unwind, and forget about your hair and makeup. This year is no different apart from women are now taking proactive steps to make sure they look fab without the need of makeup.

This summer we’ve seen an uplift in women seeking the advantages of A-Lift and Dermatude in the run up to their holiday to guarantee themselves a flawless complexion when going bare.

The influence of popular TV shows such as ‘The Only Way is Essex’ running spin off holiday episodes showing well-know characters looking perfectly polished lounging around the pool has fuelled the desire for women to seek treatments that will give them a natural glow.

Mixing treatments of Dermatude and A-Lift has given women the confidence to be poolside proud. The aim is to improve their overall skin health so their natural appearance looks polished and radiant.

Being comfortable in yourself is the most important thing and we can guess you probably look beautiful bare faced anyway but if you need that little bit of pampering to make you feel that little more beautiful we’re here to help!

You can find Dermatude and A-Lift salons up and down the country using our salon finder if you want to improve your skin health and natural glow!

Nouveau Skin Therapy is proud to be the one in five!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 12, 2015

The Telegraph recently reported that four out of five beauty claims cannot be substantiated. One claim stated that, ‘Nearly one in four wrinkle removal claims were found to include ‘outright lies’, a study of cosmetic adverts found’. This is not acceptable.

Here at Nouveau Skin Therapy we are proud to state that we are one of the beauty brands that give honest information to our customers. Every single one of our before and after images are untouched and most come straight from our trained technicians salons.

Who needs Photoshop when you have fantastic treatments such as Dermatude and A-Lift and talented professionals like ours performing high-quality treatments up and down the country!

These are just a few of the results that have come in this week from the salons and clinics.


Result after only 1 A-Lift and Dermatude. Treatments by Hollie Houston.


Results after 9 A-Lift and 1 Dermatude. Treatments by Kathryn Buckley.

The results are undeniable.

As for the technology behind our machines, we have a published white paper that details all of the third party testing into the nanocurrent technology within our A-Lift machines. If you are interested in reading our white paper simply request a copy via our online form and we will happily send it to you.

You can fill in the form here.

We are dedicated to being 100% clear about our products and their offerings and we want to say thank you to The Telegraph and The Journal of Global Fashion Marketing for highlighting such worrying figures within the industry.

Read the full Telegraph article here.


Skin Wish is Back!!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on July 10, 2015

We have re-launched our ever popular skin wish campaign! Due to the huge success of our last campaign we want to bring skin wish back and give you another chance to win two free Dermatude treatments!

To enter follow one of the requirements below and by entering you are agreeing to the terms and conditions so please read before you enter.

Thank you and good luck!


Requirements of Entry

1. Re-tweet the post
2. Follow us
3. Post a message to @DermatudeUK telling us their skin wish and using the hashtag #skinwish

1. Share our post
2. Like our page
3. Leave a comment on the post telling us their skin wish and using the hashtag #skinwish

1. Follow us
2. Post a photo of their skin to @DermatudeUK commenting on their skin wish and using the hashtag #skinwish

Terms and Conditions

This promotion entitles the recipient to receive two Dermatude facial treatments at a participating salon. Nouveau Skin Therapy will identify and locate the nearest participating salon based on the geographic location of the winner.

Nouveau Skin Therapy cannot guarantee availability of appointments and this is at the sole discretion of the participating Dermatude salon. The recipient is responsible for scheduling their appointments through their identified salon and responsible for their own travel to and from the identified salon.

The first treatment must be taken within 3 months of the giveaway closing date (03.08.15).

Only entries that were posted between the opening date (13.07.15) and closing date (03.08.15) will be considered.

Entrants can enter on all three social media platforms but can only win one prize per person. If a name is drawn twice from the different social media platforms one name will be discarded and another winner will be chosen.

By accepting the offer the recipient agrees to provide Nouveau Skin Therapy and Dermatude UK with before and after photographs which they reserve the right to use for marketing purposes.

By accepting this offer the recipient agrees that all social posts relating to the experience must tag DermatudeUK and Nouveau Skin Therapy as well use the hashtag #skinwish.

Nouveau Skin Therapy reserves the right to add or amend the terms and conditions of this competition at their discretion. No cash alternative for the prize is available. If a winner does not respond to us within 14 days of initial contact Nouveau Skin Therapy reserve the right to choose another winner.

The winners will be chosen at random from the different social media platforms and the winners will be contacted with 2 days of the closing date (03.08.15).

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