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First Class Skincare

Posted by KellyWard on July 17, 2017

Flying off on your summer holidays soon? Upgrade your experience with a visit to the Virgin Clubhouse for a little pre-flight A-Lift treatment!

A-Lift stands for true skin health. Using a combination of microcurrent and nanocurrent technology the A-Lift facial works on cellular repair, working from the inside out to bring advanced skin health and repair to every customer.

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses are designed to offer the best experience for customers before travelling which is why A-Lift works especially well due to its rehydration benefits. One A-Lift treatment gives the skin a hydration boost needed for those long-haul flights, leaving the skin in an ideal condition before even stepping on the plane!

Bringing these two great British brands together highlights our shared principles and ethos of getting the right products out to you and doing things the right way. The reason this partnership is works is due to Virgin Atlantics mission to only offer the best, most effective products in their Clubhouses and up until this point there hasn’t been anything that communicates the same values as Virgin Atlantic quite like A-Lift. These shared values mean the Virgin Atlantic customers can be comfortable and confident in the fact that they are receiving the highest quality treatments that really work.

Will you be treating yourself to a little pre-flight A-Lift pamper this summer?

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