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How To Increase Your Lashes Sales & Profits

Posted by Nadia Burgess on March 28, 2014

Promote your lashes treatments & products to increase your sales & profits – our Top Tips!

Here, Elissa (experienced Nouveau Lashes Marketeer and mobile Lashes Technician) shares with us some great promotional tips, retailing ideas and link-selling advice to help you increase your treatment sales and profits.

Elissa, what would be your top promotional tips be when starting out on your own?

Knowledge in your treatments and products is essential when building trust with your clients. You can never know enough and will learn extra tips all the time. Some of my best advice has come from fellow technicians, we are all in this industry together and there is enough work to go round, so make lash friends rather than competing enemies.  I started my lashes journey in my new home city of Manchester.  I was a mobile technician and only knew a handful of people so was worried about building a client base.  Can I just say that without the POWER of Social Media I would not have a business.  If you are not on Facebook and Twitter do it now!

Your work is your best advert so make sure as many people as possible see it.  Take before & after photos and tag your clients in (obviously with their permission).  They may have 400 friends and your work will then appear on 400 newsfeeds for FREE.  Also, think about other local businesses who you could work with, especially if they have a large social presence. A friend of mine specialises in Botox and fillers so I offered to do her lashes for free if she would post about them on her pages.  Within 24 hours I was fully booked for a month and I am now going into business with her in her new clinic.

Here at Nouveau Lashes HQ, Steph our Digital Marketing Executive, loves receiving all your photos and we want to support you all from a brand perspective. We are proud of all your work, so when you post your before & after photos please copy the relevant brand in and #BRANDPhotoShare (eg #LVLPhotoShare). Find Nouveau Lashes on Facebook here.

Question 2:
Retailing is a relatively easy way to increase your profit per treatment, how do you link-sell products to treatments?

Answer 2:
Remember that whilst you are performing your treatment you have that client’s attention throughout the treatment. Whatever treatment they are having, they are putting their trust and beauty needs in your hands and this is your perfect opportunity to talk about aftercare products and possibly other treatments that you offer.  Ask your client – “would you ever wash your hair without conditioner?”  Explain “lashes are the same, I have just treated and tinted your lashes. You should keep them looking luscious by using LVL Conditioning Serum everyday. It’s only £14.99 and lasts for months.

After completing a set of Nouveau Lashes or Let’s Go, and whilst the client is loving her look in the mirror you can inform her, “To help promote the longevity of your lashes all my clients use a Lash Coating Sealant every day. It has Teflon in it and protects the bonds to prevent any falling out”.

Question 3:

Is there any advice you could give on increasing your profit per treatment?

Answer 3:
LVL Lashes are my favourite treatment!  I just can’t get enough of the WOW effect my clients get whenever I pass them the mirror, even the regular ones. However, there is so much waiting time for us the technicians as the lashes are taking effect that I always want to do more. Due to this I decided to train in Gel Nails. I love my own Gel Nails but hate the soaking off time, so I put 2 and 2 together and I now wrap and soak off whilst my client is having her LVL’s. Even if she has doesn’t have a Gel Polish on, you can file and shape ready to paint.  The client loves it as she is getting 2 treatments done in the time it takes to do one and you get more money per visit. I also kick back on my nails for my offers. For example, I offered free Gel Nails with every treatment for Valentine’s Day. The clients loved it and now come back regularly for their nails in between their lashes appointments.
Our thanks to Elissa! You can follow Elissa (Brown Eye Girl) on her new journey in Manchester…Twitter – @ElissaBEG and Facebook – Brown Eye Girl.



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