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My Training Story by Jacqueline Price

Posted by KellyWard on July 11, 2017

Hello everyone, my name is Jacqueline.

I just wanted to say, you are never too old to take up a new profession and achieve your dreams. I believe that if you have a passionate and keen interest in any given field, and you are willing to work hard you can achieve any goal that you set out to achieve.

I am 53 years old. One morning I decided that my current occupation was no longer fulfilling my ambitions, and I decided to look into re-training as a permanent cosmetic artist. Needless to say, this was quite a “U-turn” and I’m quite certain that my husband thought I’d gone mad! From there onward began my research and I came across Nouveau Contour. I learned that Nouveau are world renowned in excellence and market leader in this field. Though Nouveau were more expensive than some other training providers, the sheer quality and attention to detail placed them firmly at the top of my list.

With this in mind, I enrolled on an induction and insight day run by Nouveau Contour. I found the day very informative, extremely enjoyable and incredibly fun! There were professionals who we could view at work and although I found this very exciting and inspiring, I was also quite anxious – could I ever reach this professional standard myself?! All participants at the enrolment day practiced on silicone demonstration mats, and we were supported by professionals who were on hand to answer any questions we had.  Of course, I asked some pretty silly questions, but they were all answered in a kind, professional and receptive way – all part of the learning process!

Previous to this, I have always had some input within our family-run pet care business. And in between times, I trained to be a dual-qualified general and psychiatric nurse (qualifying in 1987) – only to return back to the pet trade full time due to the ill-health of my father. My husband and I completely took over the business 25 years ago, as well as having 2 children. As you can see, I have never had any beauty training or experience.  In my day, mascara was a black block which was rubbed on by a flat brush and applied to your lashes. I have always been too busy to properly invest time on make-up/skin care – until now! I truly have to say, I am a product of Nouveau Contour. The Elite Trainers have supported and taught me everything I know. Their level of support, encouragement, advice, help, information and endless patience is phenomenal.

Now I have qualified, I am still advancing and more skills/techniques. I take a great deal of pride in my work, and I give a 100% to each client who walks through my door. The profession has opened up a whole new world for me. And I didn’t move too far  –  the salon where I’m based is actually next door to my pet shop! I have found my own niche in a very competitive and current market. The majority of clients I have had so far have been aged between 60-80 years old and their feedback has been centred on how relaxed and comfortable they feel around me. I can relate to their fears and expectations. And, it is so rewarding when I feel that my client is completely in awe with their appearance.

As well as this,  my training through Nouveau Contour also inspired me to take part in the “Look Good Feel Good” cancer charity campaign in Sheffield. This is where volunteers like myself spend time with ladies who are currently battling cancer or have been given a terminal diagnosis. In the sessions, we teach women how to apply cosmetics as well as giving advice and demonstrations on skin care routines – it’s a place for people to forget about cancer for a few hours and to enjoy themselves in a calm and supportive atmosphere with other like-minded women. I do not self-promote at these sessions, but I have had the absolute privilege of performing procedures on a couple of ladies who attend the sessions. I find this incredibly gratifying, Nouveau have helped me give something back and I can’t thank them enough!

All of my family are amazed and incredibly proud of me although I’m sure they still think I’m crazy.When you undertake any training with Nouveau Contour, they continue to support you even post-qualifying. It is so reassuring to know that I can still post any concerns/queries to their private Facebook page and receive a reply.  Or, you can even speak to the team directly. This is so, so valuable – they are never judgemental, and their expert knowledge can help tackle any query.

So, thank you Nouveau Contour! Thank you for nurturing, inspiring, supporting and helping me to achieve my dreams. You are a multitude of personalities, and you all work so well as a team! It’s been an absolute pleasure.

 Sincerely, Jacqueline 


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