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Why You Should Add Permanent Cosmetics to Your Beauty Portfolio

Posted by Nadia Burgess on November 8, 2016

Permanent CosmeticsThe beauty industry is constantly evolving with the newest products and latest treatments promising to lift, enhance or turn back the hands of time. The demand from clients seeking beauty perfection is increasing, so if you have your own beauty business or a career in cosmetics, find out why you should add permanent cosmetics into your beauty portfolio.

Develop your skill set

Nothing stands still in any industry, but with the rise of social media and fast fashion comes the demand for the latest beauty trends to be accessible for the everyday customer. By training in Permanent Cosmetics you can broaden your range of skills and really develop yourself as an industry artist. Learning is key to growing your business or career and it’s important to stay up to date and offer clients exactly what they’re asking for.

You could even take it further. Training in permanent cosmetics opens the door to medical tattooing, giving you the chance to transform people’s lives form a medical perspective and work with professionals in this sector of industry. Having an exciting career in permanent cosmetics can be both lucrative and rewarding, so investing in quality training courses is key to your development.

Enhance your offering

Once you have taken part in the Permanent Cosmetics Training and have qualified, you will be able to offer a wider range of treatments to your clients. Having an existing client base that already know and trust you will give you a solid foundation to build upon and spark those all-important recommendations through word of mouth.

Stand apart from the competition

By training with a reputable company, such as the Nouveau Contour UK, you will instantly stand yourself in good stead amongst your clients, as they will know that you have been trained to the highest level and have the knowledge and expertise to offer the best treatments available in the industry. This recognised level of training will ensure you stand out from the competition and position yourself as a beauty expert.

Make yourself a destination for beauty

Don’t pigeon hole yourself into one area of the industry. By branching out into other areas such as permanent cosmetics you won’t need to turn away any business. Offering multiple treatments in one place will help you build loyalty and those all-important client relationships. The more services you can offer your clients, the more likely they are to look to you as a beauty expert and return to you.

Take advantage of a growing beauty market

It’s no secret that permanent cosmetics is here to stay. Cosmetic tattooing has moved on from the once scary image and is now perceived as a time saving and convenient way to naturally enhance facial features. From a dramatic look to small enhancements you can cater for a variety of clients. So grab yourself a share of this growing and lucrative market and watch your beauty business flourish!

If you want to stay ahead of the game and expand your career in beauty and venture into permanent cosmetics, take a look at the wide range of courses on offer at Nouveau Contour UK or attend one of our observation days and experience first-hand what it’s like to be a student in our Training Academy.

Behind the Scenes – What it’s Like to be a Permanent Cosmetics Student

Posted by Nadia Burgess on November 3, 2016

Permanent Cosmetics Training Course
Being a student at one of our Permanent Cosmetics Training academies is the first step to starting an exciting and challenging new career. But what are the courses really like and what do they entail? We’re giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes for a week of Bronze: All Round Training (ART), courtesy of Abi, the newest member of the Nouveau Contour Head Office team to give you a taster of what to expect when you train with Nouveau Contour UK.

The week begins with a friendly welcome and introduction to the trainers who set out the objectives for the week – coffee and biscuits is a must! The atmosphere is professional yet fun and it became apparent from speaking to the students that there was a variety of reasons for undertaking this course. Some wanted to add Permeant Makeup treatments to their salon offering, some had been made redundant and decided to retrain and some simply wanted a change in career. No matter what the motive, the message was clear, it’s going to be a challenging few days but the information and skills which are to be learnt will be well worth the hard work.

The students had already completed some home study and attended Cosmetic Artistry, and Infection Control and Pain Management courses to prepare for the week of intensive learning and practical workshops. Elite Trainer, Sue Farley was to lead the training – she is the head trainer on the ART course at the Yorkshire Training Academy. Sue’s infectious personality made the class of 7 students feel comfortable and at ease straight away. Another elite trainer, Sharon Skelding; who is also one of Karen Betts’ Elite Permanent Makeup Artists, performing treatments at the Karen Betts Professional Clinics in Yorkshire, Cheshire and No.1 London Harley Street, was on hand to help guide and coach the budding students.

Day 1 – Foundations and First Practice

practice mats

The first day started with theory lessons, these help provide a good solid foundation from which the students will be able to understand crucial aspects of the art of permanent cosmetics, looking at the different treatments, structure of the skin and how to the students could promote and market the treatments for their business. Each student was given a comprehensive manual that they could continue to refer to once they had completed their training.

The afternoon was spent with the students becoming familiar with the Nouveau Contour Intelligent Machine – which is the machine used to perform the treatments. The students enjoyed practicing on mats to perfect different tattooing techniques before they moved on to live models later in the week.

The practical session began with basic line drawing using the machine with lots of focus on getting the pressure and depth of the needles just right. By using comprehensive videos and live demonstrations, each stage was explained step by step and there were lots of one to one conversations between the trainers and every student.

The underpinning message of the day was “practice, practice, practice.” Even after the week is over, all of the students are expected to spend as much time as possible practicing with their new machine and honing their drawing skills.

Day 2 – Colour Theory and Practice

doll heads

The second day kicked off with colour theory. Colour theory is crucial for assessing clients’ skin tone and in turn choosing the right pigment for the clients. It is a very complex subject to get to grips with, but extremely interesting.  After an in-depth discussion about the importance of colours, skin undertones and different skin types, it was time to explore K.B Pro pigments and practice colour matching. The trainers demonstrated how to pick the perfect colours for clients and how to carry out an effective consultation creating lots of two-way conversation and questions throughout.

In the afternoon, it was time for more practical work with lip blush techniques. Starting with a liner and then moving to a circling technique, the students learnt how to create the illusion of perfectly defined and fuller looking lips.

Day 3 – 5 – Lips, Eyes and Brows

permanent lip treatment

The last 3 days of the course is where the practice really came in to fruition; carrying out treatments on live models. The mornings were spent with the students practicing their techniques on mats and dolls heads – affectionately named ‘Betty’ and the afternoons were when the students performed the treatments.  As can only be expected, there were a few nerves before the tattooing began, but there was a lot of excitement and a great buzz in the air.

Sue and Sharon were accompanied by other members of the Training Team to support and oversee each student whilst they carried out their treatments on the models.  Each model received a thorough consultation before their treatment commenced, and after the treatment was performed under the watchful eye and guidance from the Nouveau Contour Trainers. The trainers assisted with the first outline of the lip treatment to help them along then once the treatment was complete, the models were given aftercare instructions to take away with them.

Once the week of intense training was complete, it was time for a debrief. Each student received feedback and everyone reflected back over the week sharing their experiences. There were tears and plenty of excitement, as well as relief! It was crystal clear how much each student had enjoyed the first part of their journey in permanent cosmetics, and although there were nerves about performing treatments without the expert eyes of the Nouveau Contour Trainers nearby, they were reassured support was always on hand from Nouveau Contour. They were officially ready to take the next steps forward in their career as budding permanent cosmetics artists!

If you’ve thought about training in Permanent Cosmetics and being amongst the next generation of permanent cosmetics artists get in touch with our training specialists on 0844 801 6830 or download our training brochure here. Our training specialists are always on hand to make sure you select a course which is perfect for you, and you can visit us on an observation day to experience our training offering at your local academy.


Posted by Nadia Burgess on October 5, 2016


As always, Karen Betts has been busy working behind the scenes and is now delighted to bring to you her latest and eagerly anticipated innovation – K.B Pro Lip Pigments. The eagerly anticipated range offers 30 pigments consisting of gorgeous colours from natural nudes to popping pinks and enticing reds to deep mauves. The pigments, which fall in to 5 overarching ranges; Orange Crush, Mixers & Neutrals, Pink Passion, Wine and Roses and Mellow Mauve, promise to heal to a truer colour, glide on easier, fade less and achieve a higher definition.

Following a mini launch of her pigment range at the recent Professional Beauty North and Olympia Beauty Shows, Karen is now making her lip pigment range available to permanent makeup artists across the globe.

A long time in the making, Karen Betts once again enlisted the expertise of her Elite Team to develop, test and refine the range to create ideal formulas and colour palettes. K.B Pro initially launched in summer 2015 with a Brow and Eyeliner Range; a selection of 12 brow pigments, 11 eyeliner pigments, and 5 adjusters which were received to great acclaim.

In true K.B Pro style, Karen will soon be launching three ‘Essential Collections’, each consisting of six pigments to offer the perfect spectrum of vibrancy and tones. Each collection is beautifully displayed in a special dome making them ideal starter collections for any technician.

SAN: An adjuster collection consisting of pigments to lighten or darken pigments throughout the lip range.

SUNRISE: A collection of warm oranges and pretty pinks.

SUNSET: A collection of vibrant pinks and deep mauves.

Speaking of the new range Karen Betts said; “After the huge success of the K.B Pro brow and eyeliner pigments the pressure was really on to deliver and I am so pleased with the lip pigments. Me and my Elite Team can’t wait to hear from other technicians when they try the pigments for themselves and see the fantastic results.”

Technicians can share their experiences with the lip range and any other products from K.B Pro in the K.B Pro Pigment Education Forum here. Karen created the forum to give artists advice and tips on how to get the best from the pigment ranges and products, as well as providing a platform where artists could share their work and experiences with K.B Pro.

K.B Pro Lip pigments guarantee:

  • Greater `stability` & higher definition
  • `Truer` intended healed colour
  • Reduced pigment fading, more natural fading
  • Less retouching required
  • Easy gliding formulas

A full Professional Colour Guide for the lip pigment range will be available shortly, to provide artists with invaluable insight into how to get the best from the range, how to select the best pigments for varying skin tones, as well as in-depth summaries and case studies for each pigment.

Shop the full K.B Pro product range here.

Nouveau Contour UK Returns to Olympia to Showcase Leading Permanent Cosmetics Training for the Final Time This Year

Posted by Nadia Burgess on September 27, 2016

1_webPost Example2@2x-100 (1)

Nouveau Contour UK are excited to be returning to Olympia Beauty to showcase their innovative permanent cosmetics training. The exhibition, which takes place in London on the 2nd and 3rd October, presents the perfect opportunity for anyone considering a career in permanent cosmetics to speak to the team about the training options and courses which are available depending on how far they’d like to take their career in the industry.

Nouveau Contour will be exhibiting on stand F20 and the expert team of training specialists will be on hand to offer advice and invite attendees to try their hand at tattooing using the Nouveau Contour Intelligent Machine and practicing on mats. Attendees will also be able to watch the Nouveau Contour Trainers perform permanent eyebrow, eyeliner and lip treatments on clients via live demonstrations and showcase the techniques which are taught on the courses in the three training academies located throughout the UK. The demonstrations provide the chance for attendees to see the quality results which can be achieved by all Nouveau Contour trained artists. Exclusive discounts are available for anyone who would like to book in for a permanent makeup treatment at the show, with savings of up to £500 available. To enquire or book call the team on 0844 801 6838.

The team will also be offering advice to trained permanent cosmetics artists who are looking to take their career to the next level by enhancing and developing new skills and techniques with Evolve courses, which are taught by Karen Betts and the Elite Nouveau Contour Trainers.

Karen Betts will join Nouveau Contour, presenting and educating the crowd on what a career in the industry entails and how lucrative it can be. Karen will also be launching her new K.B Pro Microblading courses and eagerly anticipated permanent cosmetics lip range. Exclusive discount on the lip pigments will be available at the show, and other products from the K.B Pro range will also be available to purchase, including the award winning K.B Pro pigment range.

It’s going to be an exciting couple of days, with lots happening. Don’t forget to pop by and see the team and industry expert, Karen Betts, on stand F20 (turn right at the front entrance, take the first left – Nouveau Contour will be on the 2nd stand on he left) starting at 10am on 2nd October.


Posted by Nadia Burgess on September 26, 2016

1_webPost Example2@2x-100

Karen Betts is excited to be launching her new K.B Pro Microblading Courses and Lip Pigment Range at Olympia Beauty on 2nd and 3rd October, on stand F20.

The eagerly anticipated K.B Pro Microblading Training courses will be unveiled at the show, which takes place at the Grand Hall, Olympia, London. Alongside the training courses, Karen will also be launching her long awaited K.B Pro Lip pigment range, following the phenomenal success of her award winning eyebrow and eyeliner range which debuted last Summer.

Having recently launched the pigments in the North at Professional Beauty North, Karen Betts and her team will be venturing down south to an offer exclusive insight in to her training programmes and lip range before they become available online. Karen is looking forward to talking to the audience about her new signature microblading technique; K.B Pro Brows which incorporates purpose made equipment developed by her and her Elite Team, to give unparalleled results.

Karen said: “I’ve been working really hard over the last year to develop my academy’s own microblading technique, purpose-made equipment and comprehensive training programme. We never introduce any new products or technique, until we are 100% happy with every aspect from the tools, right through to the training. This is essential to instil confidence in both practitioners and clients alike.”

The new courses will feature online pre-study learning programmes, video tutorials, artistic hair stroke design, depth development exercises and much more, to create an insightful training journey for students and provide them with the skills and knowledge to perform specialist microblading treatments and give clients ultra-realistic, long lasting eyebrows.

Karen’s elite team will be performing permanent makeup and microblading treatments at the show, demonstrating the level of work which can be achieved when training on the courses. If you are interested in booking a treatment at the show, please call our team on 0844 801 6838. This is the perfect opportunity to have permanent makeup treatment performed by some of the best artists in the industry and exclusive discounts are also available on both days.

Karen Betts and her team will also be on hand to talk to anyone interested in a career in the industry, and also offering expert advice for any permanent cosmetic artists who are wanting to take their career to the next level, by enhancing their current skills and learning new techniques.

Karen is also very excited to be launching her new K.B Pro lip pigment range at Olympia Beauty. Introducing a vibrant range of beautiful lip colours, Karen will be offering exclusive show discounts on the range and expert advice on how to get the best from the range. Other products from the K.B Pro range will also be available to purchase including the K.B Pro pencil and sharpener, eyebrow guides and rulers, as well as pigments from the eyebrow and eyeliner range.

It’s definitely a show not to be missed, and Karen and her team look forward to seeing you there.

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