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Tag Archives: A-Lift

Dermatude And A-Lift Shortlisted In MyFaceMyBody Awards 2015

Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 21, 2015


I am so proud to announce that both A-Lift and Dermatude have been shortlisted in this year’s MyFaceMyBody awards.

A-Lift in the ‘Best Skin Tightening’ category and Dermatude in the ‘Best Anti-Ageing Treatment’ category.

I knew when I discovered A-Lift around 4 years ago and met with the inventor, Ali Hussain, that this treatment was something special. I didn’t know then what I know now about nanocurrent technology, but I knew it was something special and not something to pass up.

I am ecstatic that it is finally getting the recognition it deserves. It is being placed in front of this large audience as all I ever wanted was to bring this treatment to the public. I want fantastic results, such as the ones that can be achieved from an A-Lift treatment, to be readily available to men and women up and down the country. If being shortlisted for this award introduces A-Lift to one person who can benefit from it’s breathtaking results – I will be happy.

It’s not all about A-Lift of course, Dermatude being shortlisted for the anti-ageing award is amazing!

After A-Lift, I got really interested in the skin health industry and when I found Dermatude I again knew this was another innovation. Dermatude has revolutionised skin needling by reducing the risk, improving safety and introducing no downtime after a treatment. Pair all of that with the dramatic results I see daily and you’re onto a winner.

I know there are thousands of people out there who know how special both A-Lift and Dermatude are. If you can take two minutes out of your day to vote for us I would be very grateful.

To vote for us – click here to vote! Every vote is appreciated.

Thanks, Karen x


Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 5, 2015

Last week, Raconteur released a report stating that the growing influence of selfies posted on social media is fuelling an interest in cosmetic procedures as people are seeking to improve their close-up image.


Within the report London-based cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva states, ‘With social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, and advances in smartphone technology, people are taking more and more pictures of themselves than ever before. These images are then shared on social media and commented upon, so it’s not surprising they should become drivers for surgery.’

‘The angles at which images are taken and the high-definition nature of the cameras being used can magnify any imperfections – the nose and the jawline become particularly apparent in selfies,” says Dr De Silva. “I probably have at least one patient every couple of weeks coming to me because a selfie hasn’t shown them in a flattering light.’

While Dr De Silva specialises in cosmetic procedures, A-Lift is the natural, non-invasive treatment that can deliver the sought-after results without the extensive need for surgery. Being such a young demographic the selfie generation are more hesitant about going under the knife at such an early stage and in turn are searching for that treatment that can make them more ‘selfie ready’ 24/7.

Dr De Silva highlighted one of the problem areas many women are looking to work on is their jaw line which A-Lift is known to improve the appearance of.

A-Lift promotes improved hydration and circulation by helping cells boost their own functionality. In addition, it aids the production of collagen to help combat fine lines and wrinkles, by supporting the structure of the skin. This results in firmer, healthier and rejuvenated skin with a visibly improved complexion.

By improving the skins firmness A-Lift gives the appearance of a tighter and more defined jaw line which will give anyone a more striking appearance in their selfies.

As an added bonus A-Lift will also give a healthy glow and radiance to the skin which is key when trying to take that perfect ‘#nofilter’ selfie!

Women in their early twenties are looking for preventative measures against ageing without needing to go to drastic and invasive measures. This is why A-Lift is the perfect treatment for the younger demographics as it is natural, effective and fast.


If you want to up your selfie game A-Lift is the HERO treatment for you!

Find out more about A-Lift here.

To read the Raconteur full report visit

A-Lift is the facial treatment machine of choice for Elizabeth Caroline

Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 23, 2013

Elizabeth Caroline, is a celebrity facialist and owner of “Aquavie Boutique Spa”, Kent.  She also sees clients at the prestigious no1 Harley Street clinic with Karen Betts, where, amongst other things, she practices her “Elementals” treatments using the A-Lift machine.

Elizabeth purchased A-Lift back in October 2012 after searching for a suitable facial machine for many years before discovering A-Lift from Nouveau Beauty Group.

Elizabeth says, “Many of my clients are in the public eye, and therefore expect nothing but the best from a facial treatment. The demand has always been that of instant results, in unison with a deep relaxing experience.  I had been searching for a facial machine for almost 5 years, one that was at the forefront of new technology, but that could be adapted to my truly unique Elizabeth Caroline Elementals Facials. Nothing fitted the bill – that was until I discovered the A-Lift.”

My clients are absolutely thrilled to be treated with an A-Lift treatment as part of their regular facial treatment…

I thoroughly enjoyed my deluxe tailor made facial with Elizabeth, Sadie Frost

“I thoroughly enjoyed my deluxe tailor made facial with Elizabeth. My skin was amazingly smooth once it was finished. I definitely recommend you getting an Elementals A-Lift Facial with Elizabeth Caroline”Sadie Frost, Actress Read more

NBG Features on Sky’s Chrissy B Show

Posted by Nadia Burgess on June 10, 2013

Eryca Freemantle joined the Chrissy B Show at the Professional Beauty Show London which took place earlier on in the year.  Eryca shows Chrissy around the show talking through the latest trends, and talking to the key industry exhibitors and even gives a make up demo!

The Chrissy B Show then catches up with Nouveau Beauty Group MD, Karen Betts, to talk about NBG, the type of training we have to offer including permanent cosmetics and our popular eyelash extension courses from Nouveau Lashes.   Finally A-Lift Brand Ambassador, Elizabeth Caroline talks all about the machine and the treatment providing fantastic expert view of how this nano current facial machine works and its benefits. Check out the video and for more info visit the Nouveau Beauty Group training website by clicking here.


A-Lift Soap Award winner joins the NBG team at Beauty UK

Posted by Nadia Burgess on May 28, 2013

Following our previous Blog post from A-Lift Angel Soap Awards competition winner Lynsey Craig about her star studded weekend in Manchester, treating the nations favourite soap stars to a pre red carpet A-Lift facial, Lynsey travelled to Birmingham to join the Nouveau Beauty Group team at the Beauty UK 2013 show at the NEC.  Here is Lynsey’s blog about the show.

Lynsey was invited to attend the show with the team, following the fantastic social media and promotional work she carried out as part of the A-Lift Soap Awards competition. She gladly accepted and travelled to Birmingham after the Soap Awards to join the A-Lift team to perform treatments across the two days of the show.

“I have been really busy over the last few months since completing A-Lift training and introducing the treatment to my salon promoting A-Lift on Twitter.  This has lead to me following quite a few (!) NBG employees associated directly with A-Lift – including the MD of Nouveau Beauty GroupKaren Betts.

Tweeting my treatment results and having them re-tweeted by such employees made me proud that I was getting the results they expected from the treatment, and Beauty UK was my chance to finally meet everyone and finally put faces to Twitter names!

On arrival at The NEC in Birmingham, I was given a very warm welcome by a very friendly Nouveau Beauty Group team and they all made me feel instantly at ease. Having never worked on a stand at such an event, I felt a little anxious and unsure of what to expect, but I needn’t have worried!  As soon as the doors opened for the show on the Sunday (19th May), we were in business! I was carrying out treatments with one of my A-Lift trainers Amanda, and also had the pleasure of working with Kate, Lynsey, Lesley and the Brand Ambassador for A-Lift, Elizabeth Caroline. At the show Nouveau Beauty Group also had three other stalls for their other beauty brands, Nouveau Contour, Dermatude and HD Brows.

On the A-Lift stand, I was happily asked to perform the Miracle Moments express A-Lift treatment on salon owners/therapists who were at the show and had already heard about A-Lift and come to the stand to find out more.  This was a great opportunity for me to talk to people who were genuinely interested in the treatment and let them know how it’s worked for me in my salon and what I’ve done to increase brand awareness in salons local area.

We were non-stop with treatments throughout the day and it soon flew by, with everyone treated by us being impressed with their treatment and looking for further information. At the very end of the day, Frankie Essex and Bobby Norris (TOWIE) visited our stall and booked themselves in for a treatment the following morning and I got a fabulous HD Brow treatment from the eyebrow queen herself, Nilam Patel. Day two (Monday 20th May) of the show started at 10am and sure enough, Frankie and Bobby arrived for their A-Lift treatment when the show opened.  Frankie had her treatment with me and Amanda treated Bobby. Frankie was lovely and chatted throughout her treatment – mentioning that she had wanted to try A-Lift for a while as other Towie cast members have sworn by it before special events. Both Frankie and Bobby thoroughly enjoyed their treatments, and after a quick impromptu photo call, it was time to treat the Beauty UK visitors.  Throughout the day we were inundated with visitors wanting an A-Lift treatment which was fantastic as we were so busy and got to pamper and talk to so many people.

Across the show I had the opportunity to overhear Elizabeth explaining the technology behind the treatment to a Doctor and was so impressed with how in depth her knowledge and understanding of the treatment as a whole is, and how she has incorporated a nano-current facial into her more holistically based salon. I also had the chance to carry out a treatment on a very sceptical therapist, and thoroughly enjoyed changing her opinion completely on what the treatment is and isn’t before the end of the day.  At the end of day two at Beauty UK, my stay south of the border was over… And I didn’t want to go home!  Having the opportunity to attend two events as part of NBG was an incredible experience, and not once did I feel as though I didn’t belong there with them.

Initially, I entered the competition because of the tag-line: work backstage at the British Soap Awards but ended up meeting countless amazing people, and got to talk about a treatment which I love doing and am completely supportive of.  I also got to see how incredible Nouveau Beauty Group works as a team and how they all support each other and see how passionate they all are about what they do.

I’ve come back to the salon even more determined to spread the word about the A-Lift machine and its treatments.  I have had the pleasure of meeting such lovely celebrities who also love the A-Lift treatment (and standing within extremely close proximity to Brendan Brady) was just a bonus!

Thank you so much to Karen Betts, Lesley Wilks, Nilam Patel and Nouveau Beauty Group as a whole for a phenomenal four days!”

Big thanks to Lynsey, for giving up four days of her time to travel down and work with us at the Soap Awards and Beauty UK and writing two Blog pieces for us.


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