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freshMinerals – The Benefits of Mineral Make-Up

Posted by Nadia Burgess on July 16, 2014

All freshMinerals products are 100% concentrated pigment. There are no fillers like talc added to bulk out the products. It’s also certified vegan and cruelty free!  There are so many benefits to using mineral make-up:

– Our micronised mineral bases are actually four products in one – foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen.

– Because we have no fillers like talc added to bulk out our proucts a little goes a long way!

– freshMinerals won’t slide off, even if you perspire.

– Our make-up is great for calming the skin thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide minerals in our products.

– You can even apply our products after microdermabrasion treatments or peels.

– freshMinerals is certified vegan and cruelty free.

Free from toxic ingredients, no talc, no oil, no fragrance or chemicals, synthetics, fillers or harsh binders.

– freshMinerals doesn’t block your pores like ordinary make-up – instead it allows your skin to breathe.

– The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in our products also offer a broad spectrum SPF for year round protection.

– You can mix our powders to match your skin tone or to create your ideal lip, cheek and eye colours.

– freshMinerals make-up gives flawless coverage for skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

Now you know the true benefits of using freshMinerals take a look at our product range here.

Calling all make-up artists!

Did you know we offer comprehensive mineral-makeup training? From ‘Introducing Minerals’ to ‘Creative’ and ‘Photographic’ Minerals courses, run by our elite make-up artist Steve Douch, we cover all aspects of becoming a commercial make-up artist in just 3 days. We also offer a stockist package – free training + mineral-makeup worth £900! Click here for our training information or call 0844 8016823.

Train the Trainer Event A Resounding Success!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on January 10, 2012

Thank you to all our fabulous trainers for attending the Nouveau Beauty Group 2012 ‘Train the Trainer’ event on the 8th/9th January.

Diane and Bridgette did a fantastic job and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time at our Yorkshire Academy. As a company we believe it’s extremely important to keep our Trainers information consistent and up to date, giving them a platform to promote their own ideas on how we can take our products and services forward. 2012 is a real year of growth for the group and our training is going from strength to strength – partly down to our dedicated team of trainers around the country.

The two days consisted of various activities and team building exercises including a three minute presentation from each trainer on either a Nouveau Lashes or LVL Lashes product, a ‘practical’ session working on our brand new ‘Flare Lash’ (more info available soon!) and some live demo’s working with various products and procedures.

Diane Plummer (Group & Training Manager) and Bridgette Softley (Director) gave in-depth presentations over the course of the two days with two of our successful trainers receiving awards;

Steven Douch wins the award for ‘Best Presentation’

Steven is a professional makeup artist and is one of our lead trainers in the area of Mineral Makeup.  With a background in special effects makeup and a freelance career spanning nine years, Steven is a real credit to the Nouveau Beauty Group Training team – congratulations on your award Steven, your presentation was a real success!




Michelle Kendall wins the award for ‘Best Team Player’

Michelle is an elite permanent makeup artist and master lash technician and, as well as running her own beauty salon in Ludlow, is one of our most valued trainers.  “When I was starting out in permanent cosmetics I never thought for a minute I’d end up working alongside the Nouveau Beauty Group, but here I am and I’ve never been happier!”.  Congratulations on winning Best Team Player Michelle.



Following the event, everyone met for an evening meal at the Burntwood Hotel in Brierley.  Great place if you’re looking for quality food in this area. The team bonded really well and we can’t wait for the next one to take place! For more information on our training courses visit


freshMinerals Masters Workshop

Posted by Nadia Burgess on December 13, 2011

Nouveau Beauty Group enjoyed working with Fresh Minerals during the ‘Masters’ in Minerals workshop in Yorkshire last week.

Carrie (seen on the right of this photo) demonstrated up to date techniques using freshMinerals products before an afternoon of creativity!

Lisa (on the left) created this look on Vicky to enhance the blue in her eyes. Starting with a soft daytime technique, the shadows used were then layered to create a smokier evening look with vampy lips!

Do you use a Mineral Makeup?  freshMinerals make-up is the most simple and natural product you can apply to your skin. Due to the many advantages of mineral cosmetics, it’s no wonder they are the hottest make-up trend today.  To find your nearest freshMinerals technician check out our online Salon Finder – click here.


Products used:


Smoothing Prep primer

Loose powder foundation

Mineral Bronzing pressed Powder in Bahama to contour the cheek bones and add glow


    Brown waterproof liner pencil to keep the brows groomed and in place

    Loose shadows in Cancun/Hush and Twisted Mind

    Black Waterproof eyeliner pencil along with Fresh Minerals Super Volume mascara.


      Lisa created a deeper night time look using DuoLuxe Lipgloss and stain in ‘Showlips’

        Ever thought of training in Mineral Makeup?
        Take a look at our training website for more info – click here.


        New to freshMinerals make-up? Professional make-up artist Steven Douche answers your top questions

        Posted by Nadia Burgess on September 19, 2011

        Mineral make-up is increasing in popularity as more and more people realise its benefits

        Steve Douche is a professional make-up artist who has worked in film, television and high fashion. He’s also Nouveau Beauty Group’s leading freshMinerals make-up trainer. We asked him to give us the lowdown on freshMinerals and explain the differences between mineral make-up and traditional make-up.

        Read more

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