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The Oscars of the Beauty Industry are back

Posted by Nadia Burgess on January 13, 2015

Nominations for The Guild Awards of Excellence 2015 are now closed and the shortlist will be announced on Tuesday 20th January and featured in the March/ April issue of Guild Gazette.

Thank you to everyone who made the time to nominate us – we look forward to seeing which categories we are in and hope you’ll help us again by voting!

Final voting closes on Friday 13th March. The winners will be announced on Wednesday 18th March and featured in the May/ June issue of Guild Gazette.

Nouveau Lashes Comes Top in Guild Survey!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on September 4, 2014

Nouveau Lashes Comes Top in Guild Survey


A recent survey conducted by The Guild Of Beauty Therapists put Nouveau Lashes at the forefront of individual lashes training in the UK! The survey identified over 70 different professional lash training providers in the UK, but out in front was Nouveau Lashes with 9.7% share of the training market.

More beauty professionals choose to attend lash training courses at a Nouveau Lashes Academy than any other training provider. It’s no wonder when you consider why your fellow beauty professionals chose to train with us, as identified in the survey (in order of priority):

Training is Accredited
All of our training is accredited so you can earn multiple CPD points on our courses.

It was close to where I live
We now provide training at a number of academies across the UK, click here to find your nearest training academy.

The price of the course was reasonable
Our courses are not the cheapest, but when you consider the quality of our training and the investment we incur supporting Lash Technicians who graduate from our courses, we’re probably the best value. In fact, we’re priceless if you want to deliver the best quality lash treatments to your customers. Higher quality treatments retain customers through satisfaction and you can command higher RRPs.

Considered the best brand
Our brands have a reputation for excellence, and so do our Technicians. Our lashes brands are asked for by name.

What do you look for from a lash training provider? If you look for a well-known brand, supported by quality training that is accredited, all at a reasonable price, then Nouveau Lashes is right for you.  Why not call us now on 0844 8016824 and train in time to maximise your earning potential during the festive period.

Source: Beauty Industry Surveys Lash Treatments, August 2014 (conducted by The Guild of Beauty Therapists)

Love our training & services? Nominate us for an Award of Excellence!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on January 11, 2013

The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists has launched their annual Awards of Excellence.   If you feel Nouveau Beauty Group deserve to be recognised for our training courses and the customer service we provide please nominate us for an Award of Excellence.

Nominations can be made at or can be emailed to

The award categories are:

–  Best Customer Service
–  Best Web Services
–  Best Skincare Supplier
–  Best Nails Supplier
–  Best Tanning Supplier
–  Best Uniform Supplier
–  Best Equipment & Furniture Supplier
–  Best Hair Removal Supplier
–  Best Wholesaler
–  Best Training School
–  Best Supplier Specific Training

Nominations close on 25th January 2013.

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