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Popstars Are Loving LVL Lashes!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on May 1, 2014

After seeing the results of one of my clients LVL Lashes, I had calls from both Pixie Lott and Foxes desperate to get the ultimate in lash lifts!

Both absolutely loved the results and, as ever, when they looked in the mirror they both couldn’t believe they were their own lashes – they are already hooked on the LVL Lash treatment.

Technicians Tip

I was really lucky to get the opportunity to meet and be able to do the LVL treatment on these 2 gorgeous and very successful ladies. I can now use their names in all my marketing and my clients are referring to me as a celebrity lasher!

As I said however the opportunity came from one of my other clients. Really think about your local area, and maybe offer a few complimentary treatments to those ladies who are in the know, or who are seen by a lot of new potential clients. Good examples are boutique or clothes shop owners who are dealing with female customers all day.  Another good example is your hairdresser, if she loves her lashes she will go on to tell all her clients.  Just a couple of free treatments could lead to a whole new client base.

Happy Lashing!
Elissa Brown Eye Girl

Flexible Working with Eye Watering Earning Potential

Posted by Nadia Burgess on May 1, 2014

The number of self-employed women is rising at nearly three times the rate of men, contributing £7.4 billion to the economy each year.1

As reported in ‘The Telegraph’ (21st April 2014) escalating childcare costs have caused some mothers to quit the office and set up businesses from home while looking after their children. It is a trend that has given rise to the term ‘mumpreneur’ – the stay-at-home mother who keeps one eye on the children and another on a flexible business.

The article goes on to say “in a survey of 700 mothers with children under 10, undertaken by Direct Line, nearly two thirds said they were considering running a business from home in the next three years, believing this would make the family unit better as a whole.”

With lashes becoming big business in the soaring beauty industry, the earning potential is high enough to make your eyes water! With no pre-requisites required you can train in as little as 1 day for LVL Lashes and 3 days for Nouveau Lashes or Let’s Go.

Here’s the earning potential for each based on a normal school day:

LVL Lashes:
Treatment Price (RRP) – £49
Treatment Time – 45mins to 1hr
Earning per day (based on school hrs 9am to 3pm) – £294
Earning per week (based on 5 days) – £1,470

Nouveau Lashes:
Treatment Price (RRP) – £65
Treatment Time – 1.5hrs
Earning per day (based on school hrs 9am to 3pm) – £260
Earning per week (based on 5 days) – £1,300

Let’s Go Lashes:
Treatment Price (RRP) – £30
Treatment Time – 30mins
Earning per day (based on school hrs 9am to 3pm) – £360
Earning per week (based on 5 days) – £1,800

The options don’t end there.  All 3 brands are possible for both a mobile or salon based technician giving you even more flexibility. Many of our technicians work from home, travel to clients homes or rent a room in a salon so they are always in control of their own flexible working hours.

For more detail on each brand follow these links:

Our thanks to Elissa from Brown Eye Girl.


Lash Professionals – Accentuate Your Eyes & Your Profits!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on April 30, 2014

Offer mineral make-up together with lashes to accentuate your client’s eyes and your profits!

At Nouveau Lashes we love everything eye and eyelash related.  As the summer months draw nearer we know you will experience a surge in the demand for long, luscious lashes. To compliment your lash treatments, accentuate your clients’ eyes and more importantly boost your profits with mineral make-up from freshMinerals.

Beauty is a collaboration of complimentary treatments and what better way to showcase newly applied lashes than with perfectly applied eye shadows selected to make your clients eye colour pop!

Do you know how to apply make-up professionally and what products to offer? Well now you can with our… 1 Day “Introducing Minerals” Course – FREE* for a limited period.  To find out more, simply click HERE.



Nouveau Lashes WIN “Best Lash Supplier” of 2014!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on March 25, 2014

Nouveau Lashes WIN Best Lash Supplier 2014!
We are delighted to announce that Nouveau Lashes has WON the prestigious and much anticipated
“Best Lash Supplier of 2014”  in the
“Guild of Beauty Awards of Excellence”.

We couldn’t have done it without your support – so thank you so much as it means the world to us.

Since 2006, we have dedicated ourselves to promoting and improving the professional standards of lashes applications and enhancements. So to win this award at a time when lashes are surging in popularity and competition is intense, we are simply thrilled.

We will continue to innovate & work hard to support our industry.

For more information on our Lashes training visit

Best Lash Supplier 2014 – We Need Your Vote!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on February 12, 2014

We are delighted, honoured and humbled that Nouveau Beauty Group, the company that brings you LVL Lashes, Nouveau Lashes and Let’s Go Lashes has been nominated for:

“Best Lash Supplier of 2014” – Guild of Beauty Awards of Excellence

This means so much to us and our team – acknowledging the importance we place on customer service and support, training and products. We would also like to think it’s in recognition of the contributions we have made to the lash industry. Since we first set-up Nouveau Lashes in 2005, we have always tried to breathe innovation into the eyelash industry. Did you know, we introduced lash extensions to the UK and then went on to invent express lashes treatments?  Then of course we created LVL Lashes, the ‘must-have’ natural lash enhancement treatment.

You may be forgiven for thinking Nouveau Lashes is a big company. But we aren’t, we’re more like an extended family. In other words, we’re big enough to make a difference, but small enough to care! It’s this approach that we would like to think has endeared our customers to us.

To those who have already voted for us, helping us reach the finals – thank you so much for your support.

Now it gets even tougher so if you think we deserve the title “Best Lash Supplier of 2014” please vote for us now!

Yours sincerely,

Karen Betts, Bridgette Softley and ‘our family’ at Nouveau Beauty Group

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