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Karen Betts Launches K.B Pro Pigment Range

Posted by Sarah Gordon on July 28, 2015

Colours you can trust

The name Karen Betts is recognised as one of the leading and most dominant names in the Permanent Cosmetics Industry. But taking the industry by storm over the last 20 years; MD at Nouveau Beauty Group; one of the most reputable beauty groups in the UK and also responsible for HD Brows and Nouveau Lashes, launching Nouveau Contour – the UK’s most reputable Permanent Cosmetics Training academies,  collaborating with the Katie Piper Foundation, winning several industry awards which include the ‘Industry Leader Award 2015’ and ‘Woman of the Year at the 2014 Natwest Every Woman Awards’, amongst many other accolades, simply wasn’t enough for Karen Betts. This month, saw Karen launch K.B Pro; her very own range of permanent cosmetics pigments, developed and manufactured in the UK.

It’s no secret Karen is extremely passionate and dedicated to continue evolving and progressing in her career, to offer the most elite treatments and results for her clients, and to also ensure that all permanent cosmetics artists that train through her academies are also providing the best possible treatments and services. So it’s hardly surprising that she worked tirelessly over the last two years to develop, test and refine the pigments. Enlisting the help of her trusty Elite Permanent Cosmetics Artists, Karen’s aim was to ensure the pigments were produced to the highest possible quality and standard, so permanent cosmetics artists and medical tattoo artists around the World could deliver optimum results for their clients.

Not only do the pigments glide into the skin more effortlessly and heal true to colour, they also fade to hues that still appear perfectly natural.

There are currently 12 brow pigments, 11 eyeliner pigments and 5 adjusters available within the range. Karen has also created 4 colour collections; the Vogue Pigment collection (a vibrant eye pigment colour collection), the Back and Grey collection, the Day Brow Pigment collection and the Night Brow Collection, and there is an Adjuster collection available. What more could a permanent cosmetics artist ask for?

Well, there is also a Professional Colour Guide for the pigment range which offers invaluable insight into how to get the best from the range, select pigments, blend and adjust pigments to suit specific client skin tones, and also give in-depth summaries and case studies for each pigment.

The pigment range is now available for professionals to purchase at Nouveau Beauty Group, with introductory promotional offers which are valid for a limited time only, and the colour guide will be available to purchase shortly.

Also, in support of the her new pigment range, Karen has created K.B Pro Education, an educational forum on Facebook which professional cosmetics artists can join to gain more information and insights into the pigments and other products in the K.B Pro range. Through the forum, professionals can also benefit from exclusive advice and support from Karen and her Elite Team of cosmetics artists, alongside industry and educational updates, and professional tips.

freshMinerals – The Benefits of Mineral Make-Up

Posted by Nadia Burgess on July 16, 2014

All freshMinerals products are 100% concentrated pigment. There are no fillers like talc added to bulk out the products. It’s also certified vegan and cruelty free!  There are so many benefits to using mineral make-up:

– Our micronised mineral bases are actually four products in one – foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen.

– Because we have no fillers like talc added to bulk out our proucts a little goes a long way!

– freshMinerals won’t slide off, even if you perspire.

– Our make-up is great for calming the skin thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide minerals in our products.

– You can even apply our products after microdermabrasion treatments or peels.

– freshMinerals is certified vegan and cruelty free.

Free from toxic ingredients, no talc, no oil, no fragrance or chemicals, synthetics, fillers or harsh binders.

– freshMinerals doesn’t block your pores like ordinary make-up – instead it allows your skin to breathe.

– The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in our products also offer a broad spectrum SPF for year round protection.

– You can mix our powders to match your skin tone or to create your ideal lip, cheek and eye colours.

– freshMinerals make-up gives flawless coverage for skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

Now you know the true benefits of using freshMinerals take a look at our product range here.

Calling all make-up artists!

Did you know we offer comprehensive mineral-makeup training? From ‘Introducing Minerals’ to ‘Creative’ and ‘Photographic’ Minerals courses, run by our elite make-up artist Steve Douch, we cover all aspects of becoming a commercial make-up artist in just 3 days. We also offer a stockist package – free training + mineral-makeup worth £900! Click here for our training information or call 0844 8016823.

How To Apply Let’s Go Strip Lashes

Posted by Nadia Burgess on October 23, 2013

Check out Steve (our fabulous make-up artist) in our ‘how to’ video!

Whether you’re a Flirt, Tease, Temptress or Heartbreaker, we have a style to suit everyone and by following Steve’s steps you’ll apply the perfect set of strip lashes, every time…

Buy yours here:

More about Steve…

Steve Douch is a professional makeup artist who started his career 10 years ago in special effects and media make-up. Since graduating, Steve has worked with many mediums from prosthetic to theatrical, airbrushing to cosmetic make-up. Steve’s career has taken him across the world and seen him working with Dolce & Gabanna’s fashion shows and many celebrity clientele. We feel very luck to have Steve as part of our beauty team!

Over the last 5 years, Steve’s career has seen him working closely in the field of mineral makeup with many beauty salons & skin care specialists. One of our sister brands – Fresh Minerals – is part of this specialist area and Steve is renowned for his work with Fresh Minerals (which is due to relaunch in the UK as part of the Nouveau Lashes group in November 2013).

Steve’s aim is to educate every woman (and man!) in how to care properly for their skin and to make everyone aware of the benefits of using a quality mineral makeup, such as Fresh Minerals. Follow us on Twitter (, and to keep yourself up to date with new developments, hints, tips & more video’s.

Nouveau Lashes Noir Mascara by Nadira V Persaud

Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 9, 2012

I’m very loyal to my mascaras and most of us are once we find one that creates length and volume instantly the pact is confirmed and we return dutifully.  I broke my pact to Nouveau Lashes Noir Mascara!

As a seasoned hayfever sufferer I’ve regularly applauded Noir Mascara for staying fast and smudge-free whilst I sneeze, sniff and itch; when I walk in the rain without cover with no fear my eye make up is looking more like Alice Cooper-esque by the minute. So why did I turn my back on such a reliable essential?

My Noir Masara ran out and I was convinced I could find an equal match with ease that would perform well under rain, shine and teary eyes.


But I discovered the misery of dry, unremarkable lashes that failed to resemble that even, luscious  finish I so wanted to achieve again; especially when I‘d reapply an additional coat for my evening look to find the unwanted spikey look.

I also experienced extraordinary removal habits with some brands in the hope they would melt away seamlessly like Noir Mascara but instead would take an age to remove all traces in the evenings only to find remnants in the mornings, ungraciously staining my lash line.

I can show you why I’ve returned to this trusty cosmetic, the wand; good size, shape, stiff enough bristle to coat each and every lash with the glossy noir formula.


My lashes at the end of a rainy day with only one coat of mascara; still perky and defined…then the ultimate test, the second application…

phenomeNOIR lashes!



The Saturdays ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ of Let’s Go Eyelashes!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on February 6, 2012

When you are part of one of the most successful girl groups of recent times and set to go on tour to perform in front of thousands of people, you want to make sure that you are looking your best. That is exactly why Frankie, Rochelle, Una, Mollie and Vanessa called on British beauty genius Karen Betts to provide some of her stunning Let’s Go strip lashes for their latest arena tour and appearances!

With over 40 styles which include auburn lashes for fairer girls, beautifully embellished lashes that are perfect for parties and ranges called Flirt, Tease, Temptress and Heartbreaker it is no wonder that Let’s Go can transform us in seconds from girl next door to a devastatingly sexy siren and the number one choice for The Saturdays.

Celena Hancock, The Saturdays Make-up Artist says:

‘I loved using the Let’s Go lashes on The Saturdays – there were so many different styles and the girls each found a style that they loved, both onstage for a more dramatic lash and also offstage when a more natural lash was needed. They were incredibly easy to apply and were really confortable for the girls to wear. The lashes really accentuated their eye makeup and really finished off the look. I’m definitely a fan of Let’s Go and will certainly be using them again on all my clients!’.

So if you are ‘All Fired Up’ and want to rock lashes like The Saturdays visit where all styles can be purchased online now!

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