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Karen Offers Permanent Cosmetic Artists chance to Sample New K.B Pro Pigments

Posted by Sarah Gordon on August 26, 2015

To commemorate the launch of her new K.B Pro pigments, Karen Betts is offering permanent cosmetics artists throughout the UK the chance to receive six FREE 2ml sample pigments in assorted colours, worth over £50, for a limited time only.

Each pigment from the new K.B Pro range has been thoroughly tested and personally approved by Karen and her Elite Team of Permanent cosmetics artists, and as well as offering greater stability and higher definition, the K.B Pro pigments also achieve a ‘truer’ intended healing colour.whykbpro

Even though the pigments have been approved by some of the industry’s most renowned permanent cosmetics artist, Karen wants to give artists the opportunity to undertake their own trials and give the pigments their very own seal of approval.

The complimentary samples consist of 3 brow pigments: Ibiza, Paris and Milan; an adjuster pigment sample; Casablanca and Rio De Janiero; a soft black Eyeliner Pigment. The sixth pigment is a mystery pigment which varies for each sample, giving artists the ability to experience different pigments from the K.B Pro range.

To get the most out of the samples, Karen has devised some top tips:



A really lovely colour to use on fair-haired clients and it stays true in the skin once healed. Due to its slightly cool and soft ashy undertones, I find it works well in fair skin and neutralises soft salmon tones.


 A lovely, rich medium-to-dark cool brown with a hint of golden undertones. Heals very true to colour. I sometimes warm it up with a couple of drops of Casablanca. I love to use a 1 point needle with Paris for really well defined hair strokes.


My universal medium-to-dark brown. Upon healing the client will lose a maximum 10%-20% of the colour, so great retention.  For cooler skin tones, you may want to warm it up with a couple of drops of Casablanca.



A lovely yellow-orange mixer and warmer for light to medium toned brow pigments. It’s also great for shading over light grey brows before adding hair strokes.



A mid-range and soft black due to it’s blend of carbon and iron oxide. I would recommend you don’t use this pigment on thin skin or where an obvious protrusion of veins is visible on the eyelids, and don’t mix it with anything else.

Permanent cosmetics artists can claim their free sample by clicking here.

Dermatude And A-Lift Shortlisted In MyFaceMyBody Awards 2015

Posted by Nadia Burgess on August 21, 2015


I am so proud to announce that both A-Lift and Dermatude have been shortlisted in this year’s MyFaceMyBody awards.

A-Lift in the ‘Best Skin Tightening’ category and Dermatude in the ‘Best Anti-Ageing Treatment’ category.

I knew when I discovered A-Lift around 4 years ago and met with the inventor, Ali Hussain, that this treatment was something special. I didn’t know then what I know now about nanocurrent technology, but I knew it was something special and not something to pass up.

I am ecstatic that it is finally getting the recognition it deserves. It is being placed in front of this large audience as all I ever wanted was to bring this treatment to the public. I want fantastic results, such as the ones that can be achieved from an A-Lift treatment, to be readily available to men and women up and down the country. If being shortlisted for this award introduces A-Lift to one person who can benefit from it’s breathtaking results – I will be happy.

It’s not all about A-Lift of course, Dermatude being shortlisted for the anti-ageing award is amazing!

After A-Lift, I got really interested in the skin health industry and when I found Dermatude I again knew this was another innovation. Dermatude has revolutionised skin needling by reducing the risk, improving safety and introducing no downtime after a treatment. Pair all of that with the dramatic results I see daily and you’re onto a winner.

I know there are thousands of people out there who know how special both A-Lift and Dermatude are. If you can take two minutes out of your day to vote for us I would be very grateful.

To vote for us – click here to vote! Every vote is appreciated.

Thanks, Karen x

Karen Betts Launches K.B Pro Pigment Range

Posted by Sarah Gordon on July 28, 2015

Colours you can trust

The name Karen Betts is recognised as one of the leading and most dominant names in the Permanent Cosmetics Industry. But taking the industry by storm over the last 20 years; MD at Nouveau Beauty Group; one of the most reputable beauty groups in the UK and also responsible for HD Brows and Nouveau Lashes, launching Nouveau Contour – the UK’s most reputable Permanent Cosmetics Training academies,  collaborating with the Katie Piper Foundation, winning several industry awards which include the ‘Industry Leader Award 2015’ and ‘Woman of the Year at the 2014 Natwest Every Woman Awards’, amongst many other accolades, simply wasn’t enough for Karen Betts. This month, saw Karen launch K.B Pro; her very own range of permanent cosmetics pigments, developed and manufactured in the UK.

It’s no secret Karen is extremely passionate and dedicated to continue evolving and progressing in her career, to offer the most elite treatments and results for her clients, and to also ensure that all permanent cosmetics artists that train through her academies are also providing the best possible treatments and services. So it’s hardly surprising that she worked tirelessly over the last two years to develop, test and refine the pigments. Enlisting the help of her trusty Elite Permanent Cosmetics Artists, Karen’s aim was to ensure the pigments were produced to the highest possible quality and standard, so permanent cosmetics artists and medical tattoo artists around the World could deliver optimum results for their clients.

Not only do the pigments glide into the skin more effortlessly and heal true to colour, they also fade to hues that still appear perfectly natural.

There are currently 12 brow pigments, 11 eyeliner pigments and 5 adjusters available within the range. Karen has also created 4 colour collections; the Vogue Pigment collection (a vibrant eye pigment colour collection), the Back and Grey collection, the Day Brow Pigment collection and the Night Brow Collection, and there is an Adjuster collection available. What more could a permanent cosmetics artist ask for?

Well, there is also a Professional Colour Guide for the pigment range which offers invaluable insight into how to get the best from the range, select pigments, blend and adjust pigments to suit specific client skin tones, and also give in-depth summaries and case studies for each pigment.

The pigment range is now available for professionals to purchase at Nouveau Beauty Group, with introductory promotional offers which are valid for a limited time only, and the colour guide will be available to purchase shortly.

Also, in support of the her new pigment range, Karen has created K.B Pro Education, an educational forum on Facebook which professional cosmetics artists can join to gain more information and insights into the pigments and other products in the K.B Pro range. Through the forum, professionals can also benefit from exclusive advice and support from Karen and her Elite Team of cosmetics artists, alongside industry and educational updates, and professional tips.

“Inspirational Training” – by Becky Coates

Posted by Nadia Burgess on January 19, 2015

Becky Coates recently sent this beautiful – and moving – message to our MD, Karen Betts and we wanted to share this with you. Our thanks go to Becky – your lovely words have brought a smile to everyone’s face.

“I hope you don’t mind me messaging you but I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to myself and how your company and the products you offer have turned my life around.

I originally trained as a nail technician 14 years ago and managed a salon in Brighton.  Sadly, the business closed down and I went mobile for a bit but found it hard to make ends meet.  I then went on to work for British Airways as cabin crew for 9 years.  I got back into beauty in June last year following the sudden & untimely death of my amazing Dad.  At the time I was on maternity leave from BA & it made me realise that being away from my family was something I didn’t want anymore as life is too short & preciou.  I didn’t want to miss a moment of spending time with them.

My dad always taught me that it doesn’t matter what you do in life as long as you’re happy.  So with this is mind I remembered how happy I was when I was involved in the beauty industry and I set about doing my research & re-training.

In August, I completed the HD Brows course & Nouveau Lashes then in November I went on to train in LVL Lashes. I can’t believe how well my business has taken off since offering these treatments and how much clients love them and keep coming back.

I was initially worried about offering HD Brows and LVL as I did a bit of market research beforehand and no one had heard of them in my area, and no one in a 15 mile radius of where I lived offered these treatments.  I don’t know why I worried as these are my most popular treatments and everyday I’m getting new bookings.

Following on from the success of these treatments I have booked to train in Dermatude and this time I will be the only person in the whole of Mid Sussex to offer it.  I have been really fortunate to be able to offer this treatment in one of most recognised & respected clinics in Haywards Heath.  When I set up my mobile business Blissimo Beauty in August last year I never imagined how successfully it would have become in such a short space of time and I am so proud and amazed of what I have achieved.  Being able to do the job I do and being excited everyday about performing these treatments had given me a passion for life again.

The memory of my dad has been my driving force throughout this whole experience plus believing in the amazing products and services that you offer and the uniqueness of them. My dad always said to me, from as far back as you can remember, ‘you can do anything if you put your mind to’, so here’s to a successful 2015 for us all.”

Kind Regards, Becky Coates


If you would like to know more about the training and treatments offered by Karen Betts, Nouveau Beauty Group or Nouveau Lashes you can visit the websites below:

Karen Betts –

Nouveau Beauty Group –

Nouveau Lashes –

Karen Betts Wins Natwest “Woman Of The Year” Award

Posted by Nadia Burgess on December 4, 2014

Karen Betts - Nouveau Lashes Director Crowned "Woman Of The Year" by Natwest

To top off what can only be described as an exceptional year for Karen Betts and her team, she has been crowned the Woman of the Year at the 2014 Natwest Every Woman Awards!

The 2014 NatWest everywoman Award was presented to Karen with her empire that encompasses Karen Betts Professional, Nouveau Lashes, HD Brows and Nouveau Beauty Group, including a pioneering medical tattooing enterprise, several leading cosmetics brands and a salon training business.

“This woman is phenomenal”, judges commented when agreeing she had led her companies to outstanding success, growing them from a small office in Yorkshire to an international team of 182 employees with a turnover of £7 million. At a glittering ceremony at The Dorchester Hotel in London, hundreds of inspirational women congregated to celebrate the success of female-owned businesses across the country at the Natwest everywoman Awards. Now in its 12th year, the Awards has become the defining event for Britain’s female entrepreneurs. The ceremony reveals the stories of individuals, whose qualities and acumen have driven their success, applauding their achievements and creating inspiring role models. Significant progress has been made to increase the influence of women in business and the UK now leads the way in Europe for entrepreneurship.

Karen’s confidence and determination continue’s to inspire us all.

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