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Nouveau Lashes Comes Top in Guild Survey!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on September 4, 2014

Nouveau Lashes Comes Top in Guild Survey


A recent survey conducted by The Guild Of Beauty Therapists put Nouveau Lashes at the forefront of individual lashes training in the UK! The survey identified over 70 different professional lash training providers in the UK, but out in front was Nouveau Lashes with 9.7% share of the training market.

More beauty professionals choose to attend lash training courses at a Nouveau Lashes Academy than any other training provider. It’s no wonder when you consider why your fellow beauty professionals chose to train with us, as identified in the survey (in order of priority):

Training is Accredited
All of our training is accredited so you can earn multiple CPD points on our courses.

It was close to where I live
We now provide training at a number of academies across the UK, click here to find your nearest training academy.

The price of the course was reasonable
Our courses are not the cheapest, but when you consider the quality of our training and the investment we incur supporting Lash Technicians who graduate from our courses, we’re probably the best value. In fact, we’re priceless if you want to deliver the best quality lash treatments to your customers. Higher quality treatments retain customers through satisfaction and you can command higher RRPs.

Considered the best brand
Our brands have a reputation for excellence, and so do our Technicians. Our lashes brands are asked for by name.

What do you look for from a lash training provider? If you look for a well-known brand, supported by quality training that is accredited, all at a reasonable price, then Nouveau Lashes is right for you.  Why not call us now on 0844 8016824 and train in time to maximise your earning potential during the festive period.

Source: Beauty Industry Surveys Lash Treatments, August 2014 (conducted by The Guild of Beauty Therapists)

Nouveau Lashes Training Comes To Exeter!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on July 15, 2014

The demand for our award winning lash extensions & lash lift training is growing every year. To meet this demand we’ve just found the perfect location for our latest training venue – South Beach Spa in Exeter

We chose our South West location to reduce the travel gap for our many training enquiries in and around the Devonshire area. South Beach Spa is perfect, being a 10 minute taxi ride from the town centre and from the M5, plus there is on-site parking. There are limited beauty training academies within the area, so our new addition will provide much needed opportunities to train in a growing – and thriving – section of the beauty industry…lashes!

Our South Beach Spa location offers an inspirational and creative setting, providing a tranquil training environment for all of our lash trainees. Our Co-Director, Bridgette Softley, currently performs her permanent-makeup treatments from this location so is very familiar with the venue and delighted to be able to offer Nouveau Lashes and LVL Lashes training from this new location.

In Bridgette’s words “South Beach Spa offers a relaxing environment where our trainees will be able to learn our lash techniques in a peaceful & welcoming setting”.

For further information on our lashes training opportunties call 0844 8016823 or visit our website here.

You can also follow our brands on Twitter (@nouveaulashes and @lvl_lashes) or visit our Facebook pages here: Nouveau Lashes / LVL Lashes. If you’re on Instagram, take a look at the Nouveau Lashes Instagram page.


Nouveau Lashes Distributor Conference 2014

Posted by Nadia Burgess on June 24, 2014

What an amazing 2014 Nouveau Lashes Distributor Conference!

Nouveau Lashes had a strong message to deliver in terms of the journey so far, expectations of growth and the future for us as a brand. It is a very exciting time for us and the atmosphere throughout the day was very positive.

There was a clear structure to the day and a key part of this was reviewing the last 12 months performance not only as a company as a whole but also for each of our distributors and the individual brands. There have clearly been some challenges across some of our distributors and we talked about the support we can offer and marketing tactics that can be used to help training and product sales. We are just about to start the new financial year here at Nouveau Lashes and what an exciting year we have planned! Our plans are big and we will be working with Propaganda to strengthen our brand even further in the industry.

Our distributors have been very busy over the last 12 months and we have seen some excellent results from most. We really wanted to celebrate these successes and had the great privilege of presenting three awards to recognise our top achievers.

Congratulations to (from left to right)… UAE Tiki Style Me for Best Newcomer and Alexandrio School Greece; Betty & Vafias Evangelos who win a special award for determination & growth.








Our very special award for Distributor of the Year goes to  The Creative Academy Manchester. Well done team!

Julia runs an academy in Manchester that is not too far away from our head office in Yorkshire. Our Manchester distributor has worked very hard over the last year, they have followed our marketing campaigns and offers and have definitely seen the benefits of this, along with their hard work and commitment to the Nouveau Lashes brand.

Thanks to everyone who joined us…we’re looking forward to another fantastic year. If you’d like more information on how to become a Distributor for our brands visit

50 Bloggers – 1 Superior Lash Glue – 48 Hours!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on May 13, 2014

We believe in our new strip lash adhesive, Ultra Bond Strip, so much that we sent over 50 bloggers the #UltrabondChallenge over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Each blogger received their #UltrabondChallenge pack, consisting of a tube of Ultra Bond Strip, Nouveau Lashes strip lashes (Collection 1, Style 3) and full challenge instructions.

To complete the #UltrabondChallenge the bloggers had to apply their Nouveau Lashes on Fri evening (2nd May) and wear them, without removing them at all, for 48 hours! They also had to post pictures of their lashes on Instagram on Fri, Sat & Sun, showing how they were withstanding the ultimate lash test of time.

Whilst holding our breath at Nouveau HQ, we waited for the comments and pics to start being uploaded. We chose the Bank Holiday on purpose knowing the bloggers would be out and about, partying hard, lunching, shopping and gyming…even hot yogaing!

These ladies don’t hold back on their product reviews and we are delighted to say they were blown away (even though their lashes weren’t) by Ultra Bond Strip…

“I recommend ultra bond glue to any and every girl! There will be a time that comes when you need to wear lashes and need them to last not only through the whole night but for the next day and even the day after. This is a must in every girls makeup bag.”

“I am absolutely blown away by how great this lash glue is. I can’t quite believe that I managed to keep a pair of lashes on for a full 55 hours, without them lifting or itching. It’s incredible! I would without doubt recommend that ANYONE who uses false lashes, should try this stuff. It’s the best I’ve ever come across, meaning I’ll never have to take a bottle of glue with me on a night out again!”

To see more reviews use #ultrabondchallenge on Instagram and Twitter and see them all.


Lashes Treatments Are In Demand…

Posted by Nadia Burgess on May 6, 2014

If you’re a beauty therapist who specialises in lashes, you’ve probably noticed this yourself! However, the diversity of customers who want lash treatments is massive. They aren’t defined by age, income or style. That’s why it’s worth broadening the lash treatments you offer – to appeal to a wider clientele.

The rise of the ‘New York’ phenomenon for beauty treatments that fit into a lunch break are taking hold in the UK. This places Let’s Go Lashes right on trend! So what is Let’s Go?  Well it’s the three most popular express lash treatments developed by the experts at Nouveau Lashes. Eyelash extension techniques that you can use to apply lashes in as little as 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes, without compromising the standards people have come to expect from the UK’s leading lashes supplier.

If you want to improve your lashes knowledge and treatment offering, increasing your profits, contact us now and receive this comprehensive 3 day TRAINING FREE* (saving £399+VAT). This offer ends May 2014, so call 0844 8016822 to start appealing to a broader client base!

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