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Tag Archives: permanent makeup

Karen Betts Launches K.B Pro Pigment Range

Posted by Sarah Gordon on July 28, 2015

Colours you can trust

The name Karen Betts is recognised as one of the leading and most dominant names in the Permanent Cosmetics Industry. But taking the industry by storm over the last 20 years; MD at Nouveau Beauty Group; one of the most reputable beauty groups in the UK and also responsible for HD Brows and Nouveau Lashes, launching Nouveau Contour – the UK’s most reputable Permanent Cosmetics Training academies,  collaborating with the Katie Piper Foundation, winning several industry awards which include the ‘Industry Leader Award 2015’ and ‘Woman of the Year at the 2014 Natwest Every Woman Awards’, amongst many other accolades, simply wasn’t enough for Karen Betts. This month, saw Karen launch K.B Pro; her very own range of permanent cosmetics pigments, developed and manufactured in the UK.

It’s no secret Karen is extremely passionate and dedicated to continue evolving and progressing in her career, to offer the most elite treatments and results for her clients, and to also ensure that all permanent cosmetics artists that train through her academies are also providing the best possible treatments and services. So it’s hardly surprising that she worked tirelessly over the last two years to develop, test and refine the pigments. Enlisting the help of her trusty Elite Permanent Cosmetics Artists, Karen’s aim was to ensure the pigments were produced to the highest possible quality and standard, so permanent cosmetics artists and medical tattoo artists around the World could deliver optimum results for their clients.

Not only do the pigments glide into the skin more effortlessly and heal true to colour, they also fade to hues that still appear perfectly natural.

There are currently 12 brow pigments, 11 eyeliner pigments and 5 adjusters available within the range. Karen has also created 4 colour collections; the Vogue Pigment collection (a vibrant eye pigment colour collection), the Back and Grey collection, the Day Brow Pigment collection and the Night Brow Collection, and there is an Adjuster collection available. What more could a permanent cosmetics artist ask for?

Well, there is also a Professional Colour Guide for the pigment range which offers invaluable insight into how to get the best from the range, select pigments, blend and adjust pigments to suit specific client skin tones, and also give in-depth summaries and case studies for each pigment.

The pigment range is now available for professionals to purchase at Nouveau Beauty Group, with introductory promotional offers which are valid for a limited time only, and the colour guide will be available to purchase shortly.

Also, in support of the her new pigment range, Karen has created K.B Pro Education, an educational forum on Facebook which professional cosmetics artists can join to gain more information and insights into the pigments and other products in the K.B Pro range. Through the forum, professionals can also benefit from exclusive advice and support from Karen and her Elite Team of cosmetics artists, alongside industry and educational updates, and professional tips.

Colour and Correction Pro-Tips Education Day #CCPROTIPS

Posted by Sarah Gordon on July 10, 2015



Colour and correction is one of the most vital theories of permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing for artists; assessing skin tone and types, using the correct 1NC - Quote-01needles, having the right stretch, the list goes on. But one of the primary factors in the quality of the final result for any client relies heavily upon the pigment used.

Does the pigment offer good stability and high definition? How does the pigment fade? Does the colour heal true? Does the pigment have the correct undertone and base to match the client’s skin tone? These are all important factors to consider before the needle even touches your clients skin.

With women investing thousands of pounds each year on permanent make-up, it is becoming more and more important to ensure they are getting the best possible results. To ensure artists throughout the UK are up to date and knowledgeable about colour and correction theory, Karen Betts, one of the most prolific names in semi-permanent makeup and tattooing, hosted a Permanent cosmetics Colour and Correction Pro-Tips Education Day at the Royal Armouries in Leeds on 6th July. The event was a resounding success, as Karen and her team of elite artists imparted their industry expertise and knowledge in all things colour theory.

“After more than 15 years in the industry, I am thrilled to have been able to experience the new colour wheel and KB Pro colour pigments.  Can’t wait to put both to good use. An invaluable course. All staff were knowledgeable, helpful and so pleasant. Great day, will attend further training with KB. Xx” Sandie

Karen also launched her new K.B Pro pigment range at the event, giving attendees an exclusive opportunity to use the new pigments. All attendees were gifted a goody bag of sample pigments worth £120, along with a Professional Colour Book and Colour Wheel worth over £100. All attendees also received a Certificate of Attendance to officially validate the invaluable information they had learnt.

Don’t worry if you missed the event, there are still a few spaces left at the Colour and Correction Day in South Yorkshire, 28th of September. But, hurry and book now as spaces are limited.

Areola/Nipple – Permanent Makeup/Tattooing

Posted by Nadia Burgess on April 25, 2013

As the ‘trend’ or ‘beauty craze’ of nipple tattooing ( or ‘titooing’ ) sweeps the UK with women who want the ‘perfect breasts,’ renowned beauty and permanent makeup experts, Nouveau Beauty Group highlight the real reasons behind areola tattooing and why thousands of women have this procedure every day for reasons far from following a ‘trend.’

From cosmetic to medical – permanent cosmetics involve a range of complex procedures where technicians attain exact skin tones to mimic what is missing or camouflage scars / disfigurements. For many years there was a divide / void between cosmetic and medical permanent makeup but thanks to Nouveau Beauty Group and its Managing Director Karen Betts’ determination and pioneering work with cancer charities and oncoplastic surgeons, they have proved to their critics that the micropigmentation industry is not solely about cosmetic vanity – but also about restoring confidence to those who have lost it through no fault of their own often after devastating medical circumstances.

In response to the recent press re nipple tattooing. Nouveau Beauty Group absolutely support those who have tattooing on their breasts for cosmetic reasons however thousands of women have these treatments after suffering from medical conditions such as breast cancer – for these people medical tattooing can help provide a solution to their changed appearance. This treatment provides a replication of realistic looking areolae which creates the illusion of nipple protrusion for clients who have often had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. People coping with illness or disfigurement often feel like they’ve lost their femininity, their confidence, their self-esteem so this treatment really can change their lives for the good – it helps restore appearance and confidence after having to deal psychologically with an altered body image, in addition to the effects of chemotherapy and surgery. This can be an incredibly emotional experience / procedure as it’s often the final step of a women’s journey post illness.

Whilst it has been reported that areola tattooing is becoming a ‘beauty trend,’ as above, women can require nipple and areola tattooing for a wide variety of reasons we wish to strongly emphasize that this is a treatment that many women have for medical reasons and not because it’s a ‘trend.’

Permanent cosmetics are incredibly popular and beneficial for cosmetic reasons but we as a brand wish to convey its place in the medical industry and insist that for many this treatment is a life changing medical necessity.  Permanent Cosmetic Elite Technician / Trainer Cathy Brown Comments On Behalf Of Nouveau Beauty Group: “Areola tattooing provides an artistic finish to compliment reconstructive breast surgery following a mastectomy. With careful colour selection, using a combination of micropigmentation techniques to layer pigment, a natural nipple areola complex can be created with the illusion of nipple protrusion. It helps to restore appearance and confidence after having to deal with an altered body image post – chemotherapy and surgery. For me as a medical tattooist, these procedures are filled with such emotion as it is often the final stage of their surgical journey.

To learn more about medical tattooing – click here.



Permanent Makeup Conference … A Huge Success!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on November 12, 2012

The recent Nouveau Contour Permanent Makeup Conference in Amsterdam was a huge success, with over 150 artists from all around the world attending.

The mix of seminars and networking was an exciting mix, with highlights including:

  • Specialist needle skills including hand tattooing and 3 sloped for lips.
  • Top tips on tattooing men’s permanent cosmetics.
  • Colour correction and removal skills.
  • Areola pigmentation.
  • Marketing, promotional and business skills for Permanent Makeup artists.
  • And much, much more!

We met people from around the continent and beyond – as far afield as China and South Korea. It was a truly memorable weekend…and not just because of the conference! Want to see the pics? Click hereRead more

It’s more than skin-deep, cosmetic tattooing changes lives (

Posted by Nadia Burgess on May 17, 2012

Ruth Walker (talking about Karen Betts’ semi-permanent makeup procedures): “It’s more than skin-deep, cosmetic tattooing changes lives” (

For many people, a tattoo is a way of demonstrating individuality or, conversely, membership of some kind of tribe or belief system.

For others, it can be life-changing; giving them back a part of themselves that has been cruelly taken away by fire, by disease, by a quirk of fate.

Karen Betts, a make-up artist and hair stylist, taught herself tattooing when she rented part of her building to a tattoo artist. Her earliest attempts were cute little Winnie the Poohs and love hearts – she admits now they were not her finest work.


But when, 15 years ago, one of her clients – a woman who had lost her hair during chemotherapy – was willing to let Betts get creative with her neighbour’s needle, her career took on a whole new trajectory. “She had lost her eyebrows, so I tattooed them in.

“Then, when she had breast cancer, I tattooed around her nipples after reconstructive surgery. I thought, ‘You know what, there is something to this. I think I could really give people back what they have lost.’”

Read this feature in full by clicking here , and don’t forget to take a look at Karen’s semi permanent makeup website.


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