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Tag Archives: Titooing

Areola/Nipple – Permanent Makeup/Tattooing

Posted by Nadia Burgess on April 25, 2013

As the ‘trend’ or ‘beauty craze’ of nipple tattooing ( or ‘titooing’ ) sweeps the UK with women who want the ‘perfect breasts,’ renowned beauty and permanent makeup experts, Nouveau Beauty Group highlight the real reasons behind areola tattooing and why thousands of women have this procedure every day for reasons far from following a ‘trend.’

From cosmetic to medical – permanent cosmetics involve a range of complex procedures where technicians attain exact skin tones to mimic what is missing or camouflage scars / disfigurements. For many years there was a divide / void between cosmetic and medical permanent makeup but thanks to Nouveau Beauty Group and its Managing Director Karen Betts’ determination and pioneering work with cancer charities and oncoplastic surgeons, they have proved to their critics that the micropigmentation industry is not solely about cosmetic vanity – but also about restoring confidence to those who have lost it through no fault of their own often after devastating medical circumstances.

In response to the recent press re nipple tattooing. Nouveau Beauty Group absolutely support those who have tattooing on their breasts for cosmetic reasons however thousands of women have these treatments after suffering from medical conditions such as breast cancer – for these people medical tattooing can help provide a solution to their changed appearance. This treatment provides a replication of realistic looking areolae which creates the illusion of nipple protrusion for clients who have often had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. People coping with illness or disfigurement often feel like they’ve lost their femininity, their confidence, their self-esteem so this treatment really can change their lives for the good – it helps restore appearance and confidence after having to deal psychologically with an altered body image, in addition to the effects of chemotherapy and surgery. This can be an incredibly emotional experience / procedure as it’s often the final step of a women’s journey post illness.

Whilst it has been reported that areola tattooing is becoming a ‘beauty trend,’ as above, women can require nipple and areola tattooing for a wide variety of reasons we wish to strongly emphasize that this is a treatment that many women have for medical reasons and not because it’s a ‘trend.’

Permanent cosmetics are incredibly popular and beneficial for cosmetic reasons but we as a brand wish to convey its place in the medical industry and insist that for many this treatment is a life changing medical necessity.  Permanent Cosmetic Elite Technician / Trainer Cathy Brown Comments On Behalf Of Nouveau Beauty Group: “Areola tattooing provides an artistic finish to compliment reconstructive breast surgery following a mastectomy. With careful colour selection, using a combination of micropigmentation techniques to layer pigment, a natural nipple areola complex can be created with the illusion of nipple protrusion. It helps to restore appearance and confidence after having to deal with an altered body image post – chemotherapy and surgery. For me as a medical tattooist, these procedures are filled with such emotion as it is often the final stage of their surgical journey.

To learn more about medical tattooing – click here.



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