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Take A Break with HD Brows!

Posted by Nadia Burgess on October 24, 2011

Help – I’ve over-plucked my brows!

Sadly, we’ve all done that before… Liz Wilde, Take a Break’s beauty expert, was quick to recommend HD Brows saying that Rochelle and Frankie from The Saturdays are huge fans of the brand.

Liz Wilde recommends HD Brows

Liz Wilde recommends HD Brows!

She’s not wrong!  HD Brows has a massive celebrity following and the treatment is on the service list of many salons up and down the country (take a look at the Salon Finder to find your nearest stylist).  So, if you’re worried about sparse brows, take a look at HD Brows by visiting

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  • Beverley silver

    For many years I’ve enjoyed the Nouveau brands being a succesful part of our service menus and recently I’ve invested in the with A-Lift and Dermal contour..I’ve had the A-Lift in my Bliss Bespoke Day Spa branch-Leeds for just a two weeks and our celebrity clients plus professional clients are simply amazed with the effects of airbrushing lines away ,without Botox,needles or fillers..Clients are booking courses after 1 session..Initially suggested by Dianne Plummer n well WOW..What wise advice she gave me for my

    We are attending the Dermal Roller and HD Brows too soon,so check back here for further NEWS..Love Nouveau Coz their brands offer results and allow my clientele to experience the best..Having three Bliss branches and an astute clientele I can not offer anything other than the best alongside other trusted brands within our branches..Very Happy!!
    Founder of Bliss..Beverley Silver

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