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Why we LOVE A-Lift & Dermatude!

Posted by KellyWard on June 7, 2017

Phil and Penny Davis expanded their clinic, Davis Permanent Cosmetics in Cheadle, to include facial treatments. Choosing to go with the trusted Nouveau Beauty Group they purchased and trained in Nouveau Skin Therapy’s A-Lift and Dermatude. Here Penny explains how these treatments have worked for their business.

Why did you decide to add facial treatments to your business?

Having built a successful, dedicated PMU clinic we noticed that once our clients had finished their treatments, usually all three, many mentioned it would be a shame that they wouldn’t be back in to see us for around a year. We often got asked about skincare, and we have an aesthetic business in our clinic, so we started to think about skin rejuvenation. We thought that would be great complimentary treatment to look into and we were right.

Has it improved business?

We already had an established PMU base, 30% of which have started coming regularly for their facials with us. Many of our PMU clients  are now on courses as they are used to spending larger sums of money with us. What it has allowed is our happy PMU clients who already trust us to switch over to our skincare and facials so we are getting a lot more repeat custom. We have only been going for a few months but already we have increased our revenues which are still steadily growing.

Do you see your clients more regularly?

Yes, much more!

Has it brought in more clients?

We are steadily seeing an increase in new clients who are coming for facials. We are now starting to get referrals as we are beginning to see some excellent results from our before and after pictures which creates excellent word of mouth.

Would you recommend A-Lift and Dermatude to others?

We would highly recommend it, particularly the Dermatude as it complements PMU beautifully. We are already practising the same hygiene protocols which shows credibility in safety for the client. A-Lift complements the Dermatude beautifully and we see amazing results when we mix and match these facials. We even have courses available that include both A-Lift treatments, Dermatude treatments, and the retail products all included in the cost of the course; this is proving very popular. Unlike simple medical needling, we can make a more bespoke service for our clients which works very well.

Phil had also noticed that our clients who are regulars for our facials are easier to do PMU on as their overall skin health is improved, their skin is firmer and more receptive to PMU.

Are you interested in either A-Lift or Dermatude?

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